Anster fair, a poem [by W. Tennant]. People's ed (Google eBook)

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Page 4 - The poem is written in stanzas of octave rhyme, or the ottava rima of the Italians, a measure said to be invented by Boccaccio, and after him employed by Tasso and Ariosto. From these writers it was transferred into English poetry by Fairfax, in his translation of "Jerusalem Delivered," but since his days has been by our poets, perhaps, too little cultivated.
Page 12 - I WISH I had a cottage snug and neat Upon the top of many-fountain'd Ide, That I might thence in holy fervour greet The bright-gown'd Morning tripping up her side ; And when the low Sun's glory-buskin'd feet Walk on the blue wave of th...
Page 10 - Arrive the brogue-shod men of generous eye, Plaided and breechless all, with Esau's hairy thigh. They come not now to fire the Lowland stacks, Or foray on the banks of Fortha's firth ; Claymore and broadsword, and Lochaber...
Page 13 - The fair Earth laughs through all her boundless range, Heaving her green hills high to greet the beam ; City and village, steeple, cot, and grange, Gilt as with Nature's purest leaf-gold seem ; The heaths and upland muirs, and fallows, change Their barren brown into a ruddy gleam, And, on ten thousand dew-bent leaves and sprays, Twinkle ten thousand suns, and fling their petty rays. Up from their nests and fields of tender corn Full merrily the little skylarks spring, And on their dew-bedabbled pinions...
Page 21 - O'er the deep sea come pinion-wafted on ; The light-detesting bats now flap above, Scaring the sun with wings to day unknown — Round Robert's head they dance, they cry, they sing, And shear the subtile sky with broad and playful wing. And eke the mermaids that in ocean swim, Drawn by that music from their shelly caves, Peep now unbashful from the salt-sea brim, And flounce and plash exulting in the waves ; They spread at large the white and floating limb, That Neptune amorously clips and laves,...
Page 13 - New-wash'd, and doubly fulgent from the streams ; The Chaldee shepherd eyes her light afar, And on his knees adores her as she gleams : So shone the stately form of MAGGIE LAUDER, And so th' admiring crowds pay homage, and applaud her.
Page 32 - ... For children fallen beneath the spear • And I have felt so sore The sense of human guilt and woe, That I, in Virtue's passioned glow, Have cursed (my soul was wounded so; The shape of man I bore ! Then come from thy serene abode, Thou gladness-giving child of God ! And cease the world's ensanguined strife, And reconcile my soul to life ; For much I long to see, Ere...
Page 5 - My visual orbs are purged from film, and, lo! Instead of Anster's turnip-bearing vales, I see old fairy land's miraculous show! Her trees of tinsel kissed by freakish gales, Her ouphs that, cloaked in leaf-gold, skim the breeze, And fairies, swarming .
Page 13 - With flaunting roses, had resign'd its praise ; For why ? Her face with Heaven's own roses shone, Mocking the morn, and witching men to gaze ; And he that gaz'd with cold unsmitten soul, That blockhead's heart was ice thrice bak'd beneath the Pole.
Page 10 - Poor human mouldwarps ! doom'd to scrape in earth, Cimmerian people, strangers to the sun; Gloomy as soot, with faces grim and swarth, They march, most sourly leering every one, Yet very keen at Anster Loan to share The merriments and sports to be accomplish'd there.

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