Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa: Being a Journal of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Auspices of H.B.M.'s Government, in the Years 1849-1855, Volume 2 (Google eBook)

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Harper & Brothers, 1857 - Africa, Central
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Page 162 - Benuwe, flowed here from east to west in a broad and majestic course, through an entirely open country, from which only here and there detached mountains started forth. The banks on our side rose to...
Page 708 - Five Years of a Hunter's Life In the Far Interior of South Africa. With Notices of the Native Tribes, and Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, &c.
Page 166 - I had now with my own eyes clearly established the direction and nature of this mighty river; and to an unprejudiced mind there could no longer be any doubt that this river joins the majestic watercourse explored by the gentlemen just mentioned. Hence I cherish the well-founded conviction, that along this natural highroad European influence and commerce will penetrate into the very heart of the continent, and abolish slavery, or rather those infamous slave-hunts and religious wars, destroying the...
Page 367 - Kakala, and is one of the most considerable places in the Musgu country. A large number of slaves had been caught this day, and in the course of the evening, after some skirmishing, in which three Bornu horsemen were killed, a great many more were brought in ; altogether they were said to have taken one thousand, and there were certainly not less than five hundred. To our utmost horror, not less than one hundred and seventy full-grown men were mercilessly slaughtered in cold blood, the greater part...
Page 42 - ... were to travel again. But it was more difficult to make him sensible of the horrors of slave-hunting, although, when accompanying him on the expedition to Musgu, I and Mr. Overweg urged this subject with more success, as the further progress of my narrative will show. He was very desirous to open a commerce with the English, although he looked with extreme suspicion upon the form of articles in which the treaty was proposed to be drawn up; but he wished to forbid to Christians the sale of two...
Page 162 - As I looked from the bank over the scene before me, I was quite enchanted, although the whole country bore the character of a desolate wilderness; but there could scarcely be any great traces of human industry near the river, as, during its floods, it inundates the whole country on both sides. This is the general character of all the great rivers in these regions, except where they are encompassed by very steep banks.
Page 131 - Bagma, cheerfully enlivened by cattle, and where the size and shape of the huts testified to a climate quite different from that of Sudan, Barth relates : The news of a marvelous novelty soon stirred up the whole village, and young and old, male and female, all gathered round our motley troop, and thronged about us in innocent mirth ; and, as we proceeded, the people came running from the distant fields to see the wonder; but the wonder was not myself, but the camel, an animal which many of them...
Page 165 - ... and although plunged for many years in the too exclusive study of antiquity, I never lost this native instinct. As soon as I left home, and became the independent master of my actions, I began to combine travel with study, and to study while...
Page 165 - Faro and below the junction, some fine clusters of trees were faintly seen. • I looked long and silently upon the stream ; it was one of the happiest moments in my life. Born on the bank of a large navigable river, in a commercial place of great...
Page 50 - Negroland, the great markets do not begin to be well attended till the heat of the day grows intense ; and it is curious to observe what a difference prevails in this as well as in other respects between these countries and Yoruba, where almost all the markets are held in the cool of the evening. The daily little markets, or durriya, even in Kukawa, are held in the afternoon, and are most frequented between the aser (lasari) and the mughreb (almagribu) or sunset. The most important of these durriyas...

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