Spacecraft Systems Engineering

Peter Fortescue, John Stark, Graham Swinerd
Wiley, 24 mrt. 2003 - 704 pagina's
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Following on from the hugely successful previous editions, the third edition of Spacecraft Systems Engineering incorporates the most recent technological advances in spacecraft and satellite engineering. With emphasis on recent developments in space activities, this new edition has been completely revised. Every chapter has been updated and rewritten by an expert engineer in the field, with emphasis on the bus rather than the payload.
Encompassing the fundamentals of spacecraft engineering, the book begins with front-end system-level issues, such as environment, mission analysis and system engineering, and progresses to a detailed examination of subsystem elements which represent the core of spacecraft design - mechanical, electrical, propulsion, thermal, control etc. This quantitative treatment is supplemented by an appreciation of the interactions between the elements, which deeply influence the process of spacecraft systems design.
In particular the revised text includes
* A new chapter on small satellites engineering and applications which has been contributed by two internationally-recognised experts, with insights into small satellite systems engineering.
* Additions to the mission analysis chapter, treating issues of aero-manouevring, constellation design and small body missions.
In summary, this is an outstanding textbook for aerospace engineering and design students, and offers essential reading for spacecraft engineers, designers and research scientists. The comprehensive approach provides an invaluable resource to spacecraft manufacturers and agencies across the world.

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Over de auteur (2003)

Author John Stark is a writer and editor who has been on the mastheads of People magazine, Martha Stewart's Body + Soul, Reader's Digest Walking magazine, and Cook's Illustrated. His work has appeared in the New York Times' "Sunday Arts & Leisure," Newsday, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. He is copywriter and founder of Three Way Designs, a greeting card company that sells nationally. He lives in Boston.

Graham Swinerd has over thirty years of experience in spacecraft orbit design and analysis and in the design of spacecraft. He also has many years of experience as an engineer, both in industry, working for a number of years at British Aerospace Space Systems, and as a lecturer of spacecraft engineering at Southampton University, supervising project undergraduate and postgraduate research students. He has some 60 technical papers published in refereed journals, and numerous conference papers. He is also principal editor, and contributing author, of an award winning standard textbook in spacecraft design - 'Spacecraft Systems Engineering (3rd Edition)', Fortescue, Stark and Swinerd, Wiley & Sons, 2003. Graham Swinerd is therefore ideally suited to author a book on the subject of the design and operation of spacecraft.

Award: Luigi Napolitano Literature Award, presented by the International Academy of Astronautics, at the 55th International Astronautics Congress, Vancouver, 3 October 2004.

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