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Harrison and Sons, 1819 - India
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Page 196 - ... be admitted to the Examination. The Commissioners may, however, in their discretion, at any time prior to the grant of the Certificate of Qualification hereinafter referred to, institute such further inquiries as they may deem necessary ; and if the result of such inquiries, in the case of any candidate, should be unsatisfactory to them in any of the above respects, he will be ineligible for admission to the Civil Service of India, and if already selected, will be removed from the position of...
Page 197 - Candidates who shall have obtained a greater aggregate number of marks than any of the remaining Candidates will be set forth in order of merit, and such Candidates shall be deemed to be selected Candidates for the Civil Service of India, provided they appear to be in other respects duly qualified.
Page 199 - The examination in this part will require from candidates a more minute acquaintance with the history of the English Language and Literature, as illustrated in the chief works produced in each period, and will be based to a considerable extent, but by no means exclusively, on certain books specified each year by the Commissioners.
Page 197 - The merit of the persons examined will be estimated by marks ; and the number set opposite to each branch in the preceding regulation denotes the greatest number of marks that can be obtained in respect of it.
Page 200 - Arabic Grammar; Arabic Prosody. ENGLISH HISTORY. — General questions on English History from AD 800 to AD 1848; questions on the Constitutional History of England from AD 800 to AD 1848.
Page 197 - ... 7. — The Examination will be conducted by means of printed questions and written answers, and by viva voce Examination, as may be deemed necessary. 8. — The marks obtained by each Candidate, in respect of each of the subjects in which he shall have been examined, will be added up, and the names of the Candidates who shall have obtained a greater aggregate number...
Page 196 - Regulations are liable to alteration from year to year. 1. An Examination for admission to the Civil Service of India, open to all qualified persons, will be held in London in August of each year. The date of the Examination and the number of appointments to be made for each province will be announced beforehand by the Civil Service Commissioners. 2 No person will be deemed qualified who shall not satisfy the Civil Service Commissioners : — (i.) That he is a natural-born subject of...
Page 283 - Court, was a member of one of the Government Services in India, is permitted to retire after six years and nine months of service for pension as Judge, he shall have the option of taking his pension or retiring allowance either under these rules or under the rules applicable to the branch of the Service to which he belonged when appointed. 28. The words 'a member of one of the Government Services in India...
Page 173 - Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India ; To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting : WHEREAS...
Page 200 - ... also a knowledge of the existing economic conditions, and of statistical methods as applied to economic inquiries, together with a general knowledge of the history of industry, land tenure and economic legislation in the United Kingdom. LOGIC AND MENTAL PHILOSOPHY (Ancient and Modern). — Logic will include both Deductive and Inductive Logic. Mental Philosophy will include Psychology and Metaphysics. POLITICAL SCIENCE. — The Examination will not be confined to Analytical Jurisprudence, Early...

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