Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

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Kessinger Publishing, Jul 1, 2002 - History - 408 pages
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Volume two of a two volume set. (This description is for all volumes.) A work of reclamation and restitution in twelve books. Vol. I; Sign-language and mythology as primitive modes of representation; Totemism, tattoo and fetishism as forms of sign-language; Elemental and ancestral spirits, or the gods and the glorified; Egyptian Book of the Dead and the mysteries of Amenta; The sign-language of astronomical mythology, The Primitive African paradise, Egyptian wisdom, The Drowning of the dragon; The sign-language of astronomical mythology Part II, Horus of the double horizon, The making of Amenta, The Irish Amenta, The mount of glory; Egyptian wisdom and the Hebrew genesis; The Egyptian wisdom in other Jewish writings. Vol. II; The ark, the deluge, and the world's great year; The exodus from Egypt and the desert of Amenta, The seed of Ysiraal, The title of Pharaoh; Egyptian wisdom in the revelation of John the Divine; The Jesus-Legend traced in Egypt for ten thousand years, Child-Horus, The Jesus-Legend in Rome, The Egypto-Gnostic Jesus, Double Horus, or Jesus and the Christ, The mysteries and miracles, Jesus in the Mount, Sut and Horus as historic characters in the Canonical Gospels, The group in Bethany, The founders of the Kingdom, The Last Supper: the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, The resurrection from Amenta, The sayings of Jesus. Gerald Massey was a celebrated poet and served as the model for George Eliot's famous novel, Felix Holt the Radical.

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Massey is an English poet. He has lectured extensively in Spiritualism.

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