CytokininsChemistry, Activity, and Function

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CRC Press, Mar 28, 1994 - Medical - 352 pages
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Cytokinins are hormones involved in all aspects of plant growth and development and are essential for in vitro manipulation of plant cells and tissues. Much information has been gathered regarding the chemistry and biology of cytokinins, while recent studies have focused on the genetics and cytokinin-related genes. However, other than proceedings of symposia, no single volume on cytokinins has been written. This book is the first of its kind, homing in on the key subject areas of cytokinin-chemistry, biosynthesis, metabolism, activity, function, genetics, and analyses. These areas are comprehensively reviewed in individual chapters by experts currently active in the field. In addition, a personal history on the discovery of cytokinin is presented by Professor Folke Skoog. This volume summarizes previous findings and identifies future research directions.

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A Personal History of Cytokinin and Plant Hormone Research
Synthesis and Biological Activity
Cytokinin Metabolism and Compartmentation
Cytokinin Metabolic Enzymes
Cytokinin Oxidase and the Regulation
Plastid Genes and Chloroplast Biogenesis
Regulation of the Cell Cycle by Cytokinins
Cytokinin Binding Proteins and Receptors
Cytokinins and Plant Gene Regulation
Cytokinin and Signal Transduction
Cytokinin Mutants
Habituation of Cultured Cells for Cytokinins
Transgenic Plants and Cytokinin Biology

Cytokinins and Plant Development An Overview
Cytokinins and Oxidative Processes
1mmunoanalysis of Cytokinins

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