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The Critically Reflective Practitioner

Sue Thompson, Neil Thompson - 2008 - Social Science - No preview available
This succinct and insightful guide to reflective practice is designed for students and practitioners of social work, health care and related fields. Its clear and careful integration of both the "thinking and doing" elements of the often ...
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Tools for Change: An Invitation to Dance

Becky Malby, Rebecca Malby, Martin Fischer - 2006 - Leadership - No preview available
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Research Methods: A Practical Guide for the Social Sciences

Bob Matthews, Liz Ross - 2010 - Research - No preview available
Research Methods: A Practical Guide for the Social Sciences is an essential resource for the social researcher. It offers a comprehensive introduction for first time researchers right through to thorough and practical advice for those undertaking ...
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Organizational Learning II: Theory, Method, and Practice

Chris Argyris - 1996 - Business & Economics - No preview available
Organizational Learning II: Theory, Method, and Practice expands and updates the ideas and concepts of the authors' ground-breaking first book. Offering fresh innovations, strategies, and concise explanations of long-held theories, this book ...
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Supply Chain Management: A Guide to Best Practice

2003 - Business & Economics - No preview available
In the last ten years, a revolution has occurred in the way in which companies manage their business strategy and its operational delivery. Called Supply Chain Management (SCM), it is a strategic business model that has been developed in response ...
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Is Inequality Bad for Our Health?

Norman Daniels - 2000 - Medical - Limited preview
In this election year, health care again proves to be one of our nation's most urgent issues. Daniels, Kennedy, and Kawachi shift the focus of the debate, forcing us to take a closer look at how our health is affected by social injustice and ...
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Dismantling Public Policy: Preferences, Strategies, and Effects

Michael W. Bauer, Andrew Jordan, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Adrienne Héritier - 2012 - Political Science - No preview available
Dismantling Public Policy seeks to develop a comparative approach to understanding policy dismantling. It looks at the cutting, reduction, diminution or complete removal of existing policies.
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Government, Governance and Welfare Reform: Structural Changes and ...

Alberto Brugnoli, Alessandro Colombo - 2012 - Business & Economics - No preview available
'Alberto Brugnoli and Alessandro Colombo have put together an important collection of essays on government and governance in Italy and Britain. This richly documented comparative study proposes to answer two key questions: how does the change ...
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Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The Challenge of ...

Ralph D. Stacey - 2011 - Business & Economics - No preview available
"Stacey challenges the conceptual orthodoxy of planned strategy, focusing instead on the influence of more complex and unstable forces in the development of strategy."--publisher website.
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Effective People: Leadership and Organisation Development in Healthcare

Stephen Prosser - 2005 - Medical - Limited preview
Building effective organisations: The lesson of Nigel the Bricklayer; Leadership; Organisation development; Getting to the very heart of the matter; Becoming an internal change agent; Personal growth; Being a team player; Organisational learning ...
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