Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path

Front Cover
Natural Motion Pictures, 2015 - Art - 115 pages
CELEBRATE WILDNESS presents the magic, lore and practices of Feraferia. Feraferia is an earth, Goddess and faerie oriented spirituality, whose name means "celebrate wildness." This second edition hardbound book, is smaller in size (11 x 8.5 in.) but longer, with added articles. On heavy black paper, it features over 100 color illustrations; most by Feraferia's founder, Fred Adams. Filmmaker Jo Carson, now the leader of Feraferia, writes the book from an insiders' point of view. Part One presents icons of earth spirituality, especially the "Kore" of ancient Greece. It explains Kore's role as a Daughter Goddess within the Divine Family. Kore embodies sensuality, caring, play and nature at its most benign. Through her readers rediscover pleasure, nurture and sensitivity as among our most basic rights as humans. Part Two illuminates the role of the Faerie Folk and their relationship to ancestors and the natural world. The Faerie may also give guidance when rightly approached. Readers learn how to make and use a faerie-ring henge. A henge embodies the key directions, the elements and the sacred year, and serves to connect one with the surrounding land and stars. The story of the sacred year illustrates how the earth goddess Kore and her partner "Kouros" make their recurring seasonal journey each year. Part Three chronicles Feraferia's ancient roots. From early Crete comes hope for a peaceful world; from the Eleusinian Mysteries, confidence in a better life now and after death. These are key sources for Feraferia's ritual practice, along with the henges of ancient Britain, and the play and magic of Polynesia. These elements came together in 1956 with Fred Adams, who founded first the Hesperides Fellowship, then Feraferia. Carson also reveals how a little-known lineage of Medieval troubadour sexual practices of the courtly era helped Fred Adams develop new practices to embody ecstasy. Feraferia's goal is to create paradise on earth; CELEBRATE WILDNESS clarifies how to make that real by starting at home. There is a self-initiation into Feraferia, and the book concludes with Fred's visions of the earthly paradise we can begin to create now.

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About the author (2015)

Jo Carson graduated from the UCLA School of Film with an MFA in Film Production. She worked for 25 years in the film industry as a camera person, during which time she also served as president of "Behind the Lens," an L.A. based association of professional camera women. Her camera work may be seen in "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas," "James and the Giant Peach," "Honey I Shrunk the Kids," "Back to the Future," "Ghostbusters," and various installments of "The Matrix," "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," and "Star Trek," Two Clio Awards were given for her lighting and camera work in commercials. In addition to "Dancing With Gaia," Jo's directing work includes two documentaries, "A Dance for the Goddess," and the award winning "Himalayan Pilgrimage." She lives with her husband in Marin County, California. She follows an earth and Goddess-based spiritual path called Feraferia, of which she is currently the leader. Carroll "Poke" Runyon is the founder and Magister Templi of the Ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.), and of the Church of Hermetic Sciences. The O.T.A., founded 1970, is the longest continuously operating ritual magic lodge in the USA. Poke has a Masters degree in Anthropology and has studied Hermetic and esoteric systems for years, including Tibetan Buddhism. He was a long time friend of Fred Adams, and has shared many a ritual and philosophical discussion with him. The O.T.A., while Cabbalistic and Hermetic, is nonetheless a sister organization of Feraferia.

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