Chilli Britain: A Hot & Fruity Adventure

Front Cover, Sep 15, 2014 - Cooking (Hot peppers) - 270 pages
Do you insist on hot chilli sauce with every meal?
If you like chilli plants, sauce, chocolate, recipes and a good bit of suffering, you'll love this laugh out loud travel tale
Award winning author Gideon Burrows thought he liked it hot... until he met these guys.
Determined that his treasured Habanero chilli plant would actually fruit this year, and that his hot chilli sauce wouldn't turn out all vinegary yet again, he set off in search of expert advice, hoping to enjoy a little heat on the way.
What he discovered was a burgeoning community of British chilli enthusiasts: home growers, farmers, hidden kitchen producers, industrial factories, chilli sellers, sauce makers, festivals, chilli eating competitions and chilli-head extreme eaters.
On his journey, Gideon meets some of the chilli scene's most knowledgable, obsessed and frequently crazy characters. For them, the fiery fruits are not just an ingredient.
They're a way of life.
On his humorous and revealing journey around Chilli Britain, the author... Discovers the secret of a killer hot sauce recipe Competes to eat some of world's hottest chilli pods Experiences the pain of eating the legendary ghost chilli and naga jolokia Discovers why chilli con carne has nothing to do with Mexico Learns how to distinguish the chilli notes and tastes of different varieties
If you like to suffer when you eat, you're in good company
Join Gideon Burrows as he travels the country to get his hands well and truly spicy. He joins chilli enthusaists around Britian to plant, harvest, cook, concoct, taste, sell and suffer - all in aid of finding out what makes Chilli Britain tick.
The result is humorous and surprising travel tale, celebrating Britain's growing craze for all things hot and fruity.
The perfect Christmas present for the hot foods fan in your life
Whether you're a chilli head yourself, or you have a brother or sister, dad (or even mum), friend or relative who likes chillies, hot curries, sauces, nuts or chocolate - or even to chew on raw chillies themselves - this is the perfect Christmas gift.
Funny, surprising and informative Chilli Britain promises relaxing entertainment after Christmas dinner, when you're craving that little something spicy after all that turkey, sprouts and stodgy Christmas pudding.
Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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