Constructing Fatherhood: Discourses and Experiences

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It is a very impressive book. Its coverage of contemporary discourses of fatherhood is comprehensive. The theoretical stance is one that allows for complexity and fluidity. The authors write well, making even esoteric sociological and cultural theory accessible. I recommend it' - "British Journal of Social Work


Constructing Fatherhood provides an analysis of the social, cultural and symbolic meanings of fatherhood in contemporary western societies. The authors draw on poststructuralist theory to analyze the representation of fatherhood in the expert' literature of psychology, sociology and the health sciences, and in popular sources such as television, film, advertisements and child-care and parenting manuals and magazines. Men's own accounts of first-time fatherhood are also drawn upon, including four individual case studies.


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Expert Discourses and the Construction of Fatherhood
Fatherhood in the Popular Media
Biographies of Fatherhood
Discourses and Experiences

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Page 7 - Truth' is linked in a circular relation with systems of power which produce and sustain it, and to effects of power which it induces and which extend it.
Page 10 - The individual, who has a memory and an already discursively constituted sense of identity, may resist particular interpellations or produce new versions of meaning from the conflicts and contradictions between existing discourses. Knowledge of more than one discourse and the recognition that meaning is plural allows for a measure of choice on the part of the individual, and even where choice is not available, resistance is still possible.
Page 8 - The starting point. however. remains the political will to assert the specificity of the lived. female bodily experience. the refusal to disembody sexual difference into a new allegedly postmodern anti-essentialist subject.

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