Development of Technique and Tactical Skill: A Practical Guide for Coaches, Parents and Athletes

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Feb 5, 2014 - Sports & Recreation - 134 pages

SUCCESSFUL SPORTS TEACHING MADE EASY ... because everyone deserves a great sport experience!

A practical system from a coach to coaches, parents & trainees

Looking for innovative teaching methods?

Frustrated with complex and not so practical books on teaching?

This book bridges the gap between sports teaching scientific research & the practical day-to-day work of teaching sport skills.

Better yet, it makes teaching uncomplicated by sharing great insight into:

  • What makes up movement software
  • How motor skills are developed as an adaptation to opponent's traits, game rules & one's body image
  • The optimization of the psychological variables that influence performance

All culminates in a teaching system that optimizes:

  • Motivation
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Memorization
  • Transfer from drills to game performance

These topics are covered by sharing both concepts and real world teaching applications ...

... and in a such straight forward that reading this book easily fits anyone's busy schedule.

About the author (2014)

A brief presentation of Coach Preto: Instructor of stick combat (Jogo do Pau), Karate & Wrestling Undergrad in physical education Two masters in sport sciences a) Sport teaching strategies (ULHT/Lisbon) b) Coaching (UBC/Vancouver) Certified by the International Sport Sciences Association as a: a) Fitness trainer b) Youth training specialist c) Endurance training specialistAuthored: The forgotten art of fighting against multiple opponents Coaching combat tactics: Counter attack selection Jogo do Pau: The ancient art and modern science of Portuguese stick fighting Understanding physical conditioning: A movement based approach Development of technique & tactical skill Plus, co-producer of the DVDs: Combat tactics: 1) Decision making in weapon based martial arts From battlefields to duelling: The evolution of Jogo do PauTestimonials"For the full-contact stick fighter, Luis' approach to staff has huge appeal. He demonstrates outstanding range and timing, with hardcore commitment" Loki Jorgenson, instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia & Dog Brothers' MA"Luis delivers content that is both grounded in solid body mechanics and tactically relevant and applicable to all martial artists regardless of discipline. His 'in-context' approach to training martial skills helps students not only learn but easily apply new techniques outside of drills in an efficient and effective manner. He has certainly had a positive impact on the way that I teach and train" Devon Boorman, Academie Duello's lead instructor"Our skills as a club improved dramatically as a result of his tutelage. Not only did our students gain from Luis' skill as a teacher, but our instructor team benefited immeasurably from his insightful coaching. Luis is a patient tutor with a keen eye for the minutiae and detail of fine body mechanics. During his tenure at Blood and Iron Martial Arts he quickly became a favourite teacher among our students, and became the Head Coach of our fight team" Lee Smith, Blood & Iron Martial Arts' lead instructor

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