Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV.

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Includes information on Abuse or neglect, Adjustment disorders, Alcohol related disorders, Amnestic disorders, Anxiety disorders, Attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorders, Bipolar disorders, Caffeine related disorders, Cocaine use disorders, Cognitive disorders, Communication disorders, Delirium, Dementia, Depressive disorders, Disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence, Dissociative disorders, Dyspareunia, Dyssomnias, Eating disorders, Factitious disorders, Gender identity disorder, Hallucinogen related disorders, Histrionic personality disorder, Hypersomnia, Hypnotic related disorders, Impulse control disorders, Inhalant use disorders, Learning disorders, Medication induced disorder, Medication induced movement disorders, Mental retardation, Mood disorders, Neuroleptic induced disorders, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Orgasmic disorders, Pain disorder, Paraphilias, Parasomnias, Passive aggressive personality disorder, Psychotic disorders, Relational problems, Schizophrenia, Sexual dysfunctions, Sleep disorders, Somatoform disorders, Substance induced disorders, Tic disorders, Touretteʼ disorder, etc.

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