Don't Monkey with Murder

Front Cover
Black Dagger Crime, 2007 - Fiction - 252 pages
My Irma has been kidnapped away and I am been in anxiety for her life ran the ungrammatical line in the letter which brought Mr Dyke and his companion to East Leat, a lovely village lost in the Downs. But Irma had suffered a fate worse than abduction. She had been stabbed through the heart. The distorted body - black, hairy and bloody - was that of a young chimpanzee. The whim of an heiress had drawn renowned psychobiologist Dr Paul Virag from the calm of his experimental station in Tobago to chaperon two prized monkeys, Irma and Leofric, across the Atlantic. He was furious at the interruption to his work - and he would have been more furious still if he'd realised what a sinister turn events were about to take.

About the author (2007)

E. X. Ferrars, aka Morna Brown and Elizabeth Ferrars, was born in Rangoon, Burma on September 6, 1907. She received a diploma in journalism from University College in London. She wrote over sixty novels of mystery and suspense including Seeing Is Believing, A Hobby of Murder, Thy Brother Death, Answer Came There None, and Beware of the Dog. She received a special award for excellence by the British Crime Writers' Association. She died on March 30, 1995.

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