Episodes of insect life. By Acheta Domestica

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Page 335 - Trans., with Notes, by T. Ross. 3 vols. Views of Nature ; or, Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation, with Scientific Illustrations. Trans, by EC Otte.
Page 321 - Of fruits, and flowers, and bunches of knot-grass, And diamonded with panes of quaint device, Innumerable of stains and splendid dyes, As are the tiger-moth's deep-damask'd wings; And in the midst, 'mong thousand heraldries, And twilight saints, and dim emblazonings, A shielded scutcheon blush'd with blood of queens and kings.
Page 220 - But cawing rooks, and kites that swim sublime In still repeated circles, screaming loud, The jay, the pie, and e'en the boding owl, That hails the rising moon, have charms for me. Sounds inharmonious in themselves and harsh, Yet heard in scenes where peace for ever reigns, And only there, please highly for their sake.
Page 174 - The poor beetle, which we tread upon, In corporal sufferance feels a pang as great As when a giant dies' And that a young woman in love always looks - 'like Patience on a monument Smiling at Grief.
Page 47 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil got well, the devil a monk was he.
Page 50 - I could weep My tears might well be shed, To think I was not near to keep One vigil o'er thy bed; To gaze, how fondly ! on thy face, To fold thee in a faint embrace, Uphold thy drooping head; And show that love, however vain, Nor thou nor I can feel again.
Page 30 - Are still the abodes of gladness; the thick roof Of green and stirring branches is alive And musical with birds, that sing and sport In wantonness of spirit; while below The squirrel, with raised paws and form erect, Chirps merrily. Throngs of insects in the shade Try their thin wings and dance in the warm beam That waked them into life.
Page 347 - REEVE -CONCHOLOGIA SYSTEMATICA : Or, Complete System of Conchology: in which the Lepades and Mollusca are described and classified according to their Natural Organization and Habits ; illustrated with 300 highly finished copper-plate engravings, by Messrs.
Page 338 - To render the subject of ornithology clear, and its study attractive, has been the great aim of the author of this beautiful little volume. ... It is embellished by upwards of seventy figures of British birds beautifully coloured.
Page 198 - If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work...

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