Euphemisms: Euphemism, Doublespeak, Creative Accounting, Toilet Humour, Final Solution, Ethnic Cleansing, Four-letter Word, Collateral Damage, Code Word, The Big Sleep, Jiminy Cricket, N-word, Comfort Women, Friendly Fire

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General Books, Jun 25, 2011 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 812 pages
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 104. Chapters: Euphemism, Doublespeak, Creative accounting, Toilet humour, Final Solution, Ethnic cleansing, Four-letter word, Collateral damage, Code word, The Big Sleep, Jiminy Cricket, N-word, Comfort women, Friendly fire, Enhanced interrogation techniques, The Emergency, Plausible deniability, Integrated Resort, Glory hole, Eve teasing, Old Sparky, Gentlemen's club, Religion of Peace, Layoff, Two Ladies, Night soil, Unparliamentary language, Encounter killings by police, Wardrobe malfunction, Profanity in science fiction, Rootless cosmopolitan, Dogging, Fanny Adams, The Scottish Play, Freedom fries, New immigrants in Hong Kong, Rubber-hose cryptanalysis, Hearts and Minds, Fuddle duddle, Tired and emotional, Rusty trombone, Recreation and Amusement Association, Person of color, Revolutionary tax, Frak, Sexual slang, Body count, Intimate part, Making out, Indian rolling, Sam Hill, Inclusion, Third degree, Seeing pink elephants, Kick the bucket, Police action, The wrong type of snow, Bamboo Curtain, Sacrebleu, Fertility clinic, Lifestyle center, Victim of peace, Sexual slur, Paradiastole, Senior citizen, The birds and the bees, Texas-sized, Black-bag cryptanalysis, Mizu sh?bai, Groin, Corrective rape, Economical with the truth, Bat phone, Peculiar institution, Tylwyth Teg, Pacification, Mixed ability, Gone for a Burton, Another place, Carnal knowledge, Longtail, Exotic dancer, Wetwork, Terminate with extreme prejudice, On the razzle, Terminological inexactitude, Cement shoes, F word, Love child, Feminine hygiene, Losing religion, Accounting irregularity, Streetwise, Smalls, Religious cleansing, Children of the plantation, Making love, Short-arm inspection, Necktie social, Rose Cottage, Skin Flick, Polite society, White Christian, Tarnation, The Cause, Replacement worker, Giving Up The Ghost, Sanitary engineer, N-bomb, Vertically...

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