Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States: The Numbers Under the Signature of Brutus, Originally Published in the New York Observer

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American and Foreign Christian Union, 1855 - Church and state - 191 pages

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This is awesome :)
I needed this as a primary source for my ap us history class and they have it for free here :)

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Page 58 - ... flows that absurd and erroneous doctrine, or rather raving, in favor and defence of 'liberty of conscience,' for which most pestilential error, the course is opened for that entire and wild liberty of opinion, which is every where attempting the overthrow of religious and civil institutions; and which the unblushing impudence of some has held forth as an advantage to religion.
Page 53 - Worship, obedience, fidelity, the payment of taxes, service, love, and prayer, the whole being comprised in the words, worship and fidelity.
Page 185 - Leopold, pray for us," and in some public church have said pious prayers to God for the harmony of Christian Princes, the extirpation of heresies, and the glory of holy mother Church. These letters we endow with perpetual efficacy ; and we order that the same authority be given to the copies of them, signed by the public notary, and sealed with the seal of the person of proper ecclesiastical dignity, as is given to our permission in this very diploma. Dated at Rome, at St. Peter's, under the ring...
Page 54 - ... commands, both as to the amount and when due. Quest. 8. Is the service of his Majesty, the Emperor, obligatory on us ? Ans. Absolutely so : we should, if required, sacrifice ourselves in compliance with his will, both in a civil and military capacity, and in whatever manner he deems expedient. Quest. 9. What benevolent sentiments and love are due to the Emperor ? Ans. We should manifest our good will and...
Page 55 - Minister of God to execute the Divine commands ; and, consequently, disobedience to the Emperor is identified with disobedience to God himself; that God will reward us in the world to come for the worship and obedience we render the Emperor, and punish us severely to all eternity should we disobey and neglect to worship him.
Page 54 - Does religion, then, forbid us to rebel and overthrow the government of the Emperor ? Ans. We are interdicted from so doing at all times, and under any circumstances. Quest. 14. Independently of the worship we owe the Emperor, are we called upon to respect the public authorities emanating from him ? Ans. Yes; because they emanate from him, represent him, and act as his substitutes; so that the Emperor is everywhere.
Page 55 - What examples confirm this doctrine ? — A. The example of Jesus Christ himself, who lived and died in allegiance to the Emperor of Rome, and respectfully submitted to the judgment which condemned him to death.
Page 58 - Hence that pest, of all others most to be dreaded in a state, unbridled liberty of opinion, licentiousness of speech, and a lust of novelty, which, according to the experience of all ages, portend the downfall of the most powerful and flourishing empires.
Page 52 - Quest. 1 . How is the authority of the Emperor to be considered in reference to the spirit of Christianity ? Ans. As proceeding immediately from God. Quest. 2. How is this substantiated by the nature of things ? Ans. It is by the will of God that men live in society : hence the various relations which constitute society ; which for its more complete security is divided into parts called nations ; the government of which is entrusted to a prince, king, or emperor ; or, in other words, to a supreme...
Page 55 - The supernaturally revealed motives are, that the Emperor is the Vicegerent and Minister of God, to execute the divine commands, and consequently disobedience to the Emperor, is identified with disobedience to God himself; that God will reward us in the world to come, for the worship and obedience we render the Emperor, and punish us severely to all eternity, should we disobey, or neglect to worship him. - Moreover, God commands us to love and obey from the inmost recesses of the heart, every authority,...

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