Getting Started in the Hair Extensions Business

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The first ebook to advise you on 'What they don't tell you about Getting started in the hair extension business' by Diane Shawe. 

Whether you are a beginner, been in business for a few years or want to explore how you can increase your annual turnover, this is an book designed to help you prepare yourself. A book for students, mobile hairdressers, professional hairdressers, beauticians, any one considering starting up in the hair business, hair consultants and specialist technicians. Useful for schools and colleges, private training schools and anyone currently running a hair and beauty business.

Also Author of 'How Hair Extensions are Sourced, Treated and Graded'



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About the author


Diane Shawe is a speaker, trainer, mentor, consultant, entrepreneur and author with 16 published titles on Google Play and Amazon.   With more than 25 years of experience. She has personally trained over 3800 people around the world in a variety of fields and has published several works. She has contributed to over 100 Kiva Entrepreneur’s around the world.

She was also one of the producers of a Day time Ladies Talk Show in 2015 and Host of one of the UK’s best loved Annual Hair Extensions Awards.

Diane also enjoys oil painting, sailing and clay pigeon shooting. She focuses on topics that she is passionate about in her writing and has attracted over 25,000 followers on her popular blog.

Diane Shawe Social media links www.phollome/dianeshawe


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There is no excuse not to learn new skills or to increase the understanding about topics that could help an individual in his personal and professional life. All it takes is a few minutes during a meal or while on a break.

Diane Shawe’s eBooks are available on Google Play and Amazon right now at:

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