Guitar Family Instruments: Charango, Tenor Guitar, Colombian Tiple, Baritone Guitar, Vihuela, Pedal Steel Guitar, Gittern, List of Caribbean Chordophones, Cuatro, Cavaquinho, Guitarrón Mexicano, Requinto, Contrabass Guitar, Tres, Jarana Jarocha, Bandola, Arpeggione

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General Books, 2010 - Music - 40 pages
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 38. Chapters: Charango, Tenor guitar, Colombian tiple, Baritone guitar, Vihuela, Pedal steel guitar, Gittern, List of Caribbean chordophones, Cuatro, Cavaquinho, Guitarr n mexicano, Requinto, Contrabass guitar, Tres, Jarana jarocha, Bandola, Arpeggione, Trembulo, Bordonua, Mexican vihuela, Strumbola, Guitarr n chileno, Bajo sexto, Pau el trico, Tati, Timple, Kabosy, Mejoranera, Charangon, Arm nico, Concheros string instruments, Guitarra baiana, Guitarro, Sitarla, Contraguitar, Jarana huasteca, Huapanguera, Jarana leona, Requinto jarocho, Chillador, Walaycho. Excerpt: The tenor guitar or four-string guitar is a slightly smaller, four-string relative of the steel-string acoustic guitar or electric guitar. The instrument (in its acoustic form) was developed so that players of the four-string tenor banjo could double on the guitar. Later, solid-body electric models were also produced. Modern replica of a 1930s Lyon & Healy tenor guitar. Background tiles are 20cm square Modern acoustic tenor guitar from Gold ToneTenor guitars are four stringed instruments normally made in the shape of a guitar, or sometimes with a lute-like pear shaped body or, more rarely, with a round banjo-like wooden body. They can be acoustic and/or electric and they can come in the form of flat top, archtop, wood-bodied or metal-bodied resonator or solid-bodied instruments. Tenor guitars normally have a scale length (from bridge to nut) of between 21 and 23 inches. 1928 Dobro style 37 tenor guitar from Lowell Levinger's collectionThe earliest origins of the tenor guitar are not yet fully clear but it now seems very unlikely that a true four-stringed guitar-shaped tenor guitar appeared before the late 1920s. Gibson built the tenor lute TL-4 in 1924, which had a lute-like pear-shaped body, four strings and a tenor banjo neck. It is possible that similar instrument...

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