Hymns and Songs of the Church

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J. R. Smith, 1856 - Hymns - 304 pages

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Page xxxiv - The frowardness that springs From our corrupted kind, Or from those troublous outward things Which may distract the mind ; Permit Thou not, O Lord, Our constant love to shake, Or to disturb our true accord, Or make our hearts to ache.
Page 52 - A sword, that terrors of the night May be forbid from coming there. King Solomon a goodly place, With trees of Lebanon, did rear; Each pillar of it silver was, And gold the bases of them were.
Page xii - Withers, gentleman, by his great industry and diligent study, had gathered and composed " the said book, " being esteemed worthy and profitable to be inserted in convenient manner and due place into every English psalm-book in metre...
Page viii - When daily I on change of dainties fed, Lodged, night by night, upon an easy bed, In lordly chambers, and had wherewithal!, Attendants forwarder than I to call, Who brought me all things needful; when at hand, Hounds, hawks, and horses were at my command.
Page 51 - And all the merchant's spices fume? His bed, which lo ! is Solomon's, Threescore stout men about it stand ; They are of Israel's valiant ones, And all of them with swords in hand. All those are men expert in fight, And each man on his thigh doth wear A sword, that terrors of the night May be forbid from coming...
Page 271 - COMMUNION. ^E have a custom among us, that, during the time of administering the blessed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, there is some Psalm or Hymn sung, the better to keep the thoughts of the Communicants from wandering after vain objects : this Song, therefore (expressing a true thankfulness, together with what ought to be our faith concerning that mystery, in such manner as the vulgar capacity may be capable thereof) is offered up to their devotion, who shall please to receive it.
Page 235 - he was a good man, full of the Holy Ghost and of faith...
Page 226 - That thou may'st living in us be ; So whilst we shall enjoy our breath, We of thy love our songs will frame ; And, with those Innocents, our death Shall also glorify thy name.
Page 144 - So angels sing, and so sing we, To God on high all glory be ; Let him on earth his peace bestow, And unto men his favour shew.
Page xxxv - ... observe ; Both by Words and Looks complaining Yet, for Pity, I may starve ! There's no hope of my obtaining, Till I better can deserve. Yea, and he that thinks to win By Desert, may be deceived I For they who have worthiest bin, Of their right, have been bereaved; A nd a groom admitted in.

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