Imagine, a World Without DIS-EASE Is It Possible?

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct 4, 2018 - 306 pages
You just found out you have cancer or maybe some other life threatening disease and you don't want to follow the medical industry's HIGHLY poisonous treatments that destroy the body slowly and don't cure anything. So what do you do? Where do you go? Alternative medicine? Natural medicine? Whom can you trust? In this book, Mark Grenon will not only show you people that have had their "health restored" or "cured" from 95% of the world's diseases, but also show you how to do it yourself by practicing "self-care" and NOT some health-care system that is ONLY designed to treat symptoms. Modern medicine is controlled by the "drug, cut or burn" culture of Big Pharma that is ONLY concerned with the bottom line for their investors! Mark Grenon is a co-founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing with Jim Humble, the developer of MMS. The G2 Church has now trained over 2,000 health ministers in over 135 countries that have learned how to use the G2 Church Sacramental Protocols that are "restoring health" from the world's diseases! The G2 Church team has done 57 seminars around the world training people to "take control" of their OWN health! Since 2010, the G2 Church has basically been doing a HUMAN CLINICAL STUDY with thousands of people worldwide with incredible results. Results that have been written and videotaped from people who have had their health restored! Please visit the G2 Church YouTube channel, "MMSTestimonials" or Watch the viral Genesis 2 Church Documentary at (in 8 subtitled languages), for an overview of what has been happening worldwide with the "health revolution" the G2 Church is so actively involved! Mark Grenon is the host of the G2Voice Broadcast weekly with his son, Joseph, seen on YouTube Channel, "G2Voice." Lord bless and guide you as you read this VERY informative "self-care" book!

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