Indian Vegetarian Cookery

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Random House, Feb 21, 2012 - Cooking - 176 pages
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This book contains appetising recipes collected from all over India. They reflect a traditional view in which each daily act - including preparation, cooking and eating - forms a part of the divine gift of life.

The creative use of foods and spices, and the variety of vegetable cooking techniques, allow the enthusiast to choose a delightful and well balanced menu for every day of the year.


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About the Book
About the Author
The Cooks Story
Utensils and Serving
The Spices
Essential Spice Recipes
Basic Ingredients
Nepali Spiced Eggs
Parsi Potato Omelette
Stuffed Eggs
Curd Yogurt
Spiced Curd Raita
Cucumber and Curd Khira raita
Banana and Curd Kela raita
Onion and Curd Dahi kachūmbar

Weights and Measures
The Tale of the Merchant
Plain Rice Chāval
Plain Pulau Rice
Peas Pulau Matar pulau
Mushroom Pulau Khumbi pulau
Cauliflower Pulau Phūlgobi pulau
Vegetable Pulau Sabzī pulau
Vegetable and Lentil Pulau Sabzī dāl pulau
Yellow Rice Pulau
Kashmiri Pulau
Savoury Pulau with Nuts
Aubergine Pulau Vangī Bāth
Beetroot Rice Chukunda chāval
Peach Rice Arū chāval
Saffron Rice and Panir
Rice and Lentils Khichharī
Bengali Khichhari
Gujerati Khichhari
South Indian Khichhari Ven pongal
Savoury Sesame Rice Puli chorai
Rice and Curd Dahībāth
Rice Balls Kadāmbuttū
Breads Pancakes and Dumplings
Unleavened Wholewheat Bread Chapātis and Phulkas
Buttered Wholewheat Unleavened Bread Pārathas
Stuffed Parathas
Sweet Lentil Paratha Channa dāl parātha
Puffed Fried Bread Pūris and Lūchchis
Sesame Puris Til pūri
Banana Puris Kela pūri
Leavened Puris Khamīri pūri
Leavened Bread Khamīri roti
Flat Baked Bread Nān
Gram Flour Bread Besan roti
Plain Flour Leavened Bread Shīrmāl Roghni nān
Wholewheat Leavened Bread Bhatūra
Spicy Pancakes Dosa
Oat Pancake Diliya dosa
Coconut Pancake Narial dosa
Wholewheat Pancake Ātā dosa
Semolina Dumplings Sūji idli
Gram Flour Crispy Wafers Pappadams
Split Black Peas Urhad dāl
Split yellow Gram Channa dāl
Spiced Gram Amti
Split Green Peas Mūng dāl
Red Lentils Masūr dāl
Split Tuvar Peas Tūr dāl
Tuvar Peas and Plums
Lentils and Spinach Dāl sāg
Hot Lentils Sambhar
Whole Black Peas Urhad sabat
Bengal Peas Kabli channa
Bengal Peas and Curd Dahi channa
Gram Flour Curry Besan kari
Dal Cutlets Mongorhi
The Tale of the Travellers
Pea Curry Matar ki kari
Peas and Potatoes Matar ālū
Mushroom Curry Khumbi ki kari
Cauliflower Curry Phūlgobi ki kari
Aubergine Curry Baingan ki kari
Banana Curry Kela ki kari
Yam Curry Arbi ki kari
Peanut Curry Phali ki kari
Gujerati Vegetable Curry
Bengali Vegetable Curry
Nepali Vegetable Curry
Spiked Steamed Potatoes Ālu dam
Kashmiri Spiked Potatoes Kashmiri ālū dam
Steamed Green Beans Phali dam
Steamed Masala Cauliflower Phūlgobi dam
Steamed Vegetables Sabzi dam
Cabbage Foogath Gobi fūgath
Pumpkin or Marrow Foogath Kadū fūgath
Lady Finger Foogath Bhindi fūgath
Plantain Foogath Kela fūgath
Vegetable Balls Koftas
Potato Balls Ālū kofta
Potato Ball Curry Sauce
Pea Balls Matar kofta
Spinach Balls Sāg kofta
Green Banana Balls Kela kofta
Marrow Balls Gūda kofta
Potato Tomato and Onion Tarkari Ālū tamātar pīāz tarkari
Green Pepper and Tomato Tarkari Simla mirch tamātar tarkari
Aubergine and Green Pepper Tarkari Baingan simla mirch tarkari
Masala Cabbage Band gobi tarkari
Cauliflower Purée Phūlgobi bharta
Carrot and Radish Purée Gājar mūli bharta
Tomato Purée Tamātar bharta
Aubergine Purée Baingan bharta
Turnip Purée Shalgam bharta
Potato Purée Ālū bharta
Spinach Purée Sāg bharta
Stuffed Vegetables
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Stuffed Green Peppers
Stuffed Marrow
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Tomato and Potato
Potato Dishes
Potato and Greens Ālū sāg
Potato and Green Bananas Patiya
Fried Masala Potatoes
Pea Dishes
Peas and Khoya Khoya matar
Peas and Carrots matar gājar
Peas and Panir Matar panir
Aubergine Dishes
Aubergine and Tomato Baingan tamātar
Aubergine Moli Baingan moli
Lady Finger Dishes
Lady Fingers Bhindi
Lady Fingers in Curd Bhindi pachadi
Salad Dishes
Vegetable Salad
Spiced Onion Salad Cachūmbar
Aubergine Salad
Beetroot Salad
Green Peppers and Peanuts Phali simla mirch
Fried Greens Bhujia
Fried Carrots in Curd Korma gājar
Vegetables Mughal Style Sabzi mughlai
Egg Curry Andā ka kari
Egg and Curd Curry Korma andā
Goan Egg Curry Baida vindālū
Spiced Omelette Khagina
Scrambled Eggs
Spiced Potato Salad Ālū raita
Banana and Cottage Cheese Salad Kela chenna
Curd Curry Dahi kari
Curd Cutlets Dahi tikki
Lentil Cakes in Curd Dahi bara
Curd Cheese Balls Panir kofta
Stuffed Pasties Samosa
Savoury Fritters Pakora
Savoury Cakes Matthi
Semolina Cakes Sūji karkaria
Semolina Patties Sūji tikki
Pea and Potato Patties Matar ālū tikki
Stuffed Puris Kachori
Stuffed Puri Sev Sev pūri
Stuffed Puri Potato Batāta pūri
Stuffed Puri Puffed Rice Bhel pūri
Potato Cutlets Ālū tikki
Potato Rounds Ālū chāt
Potato Balls in Batter Ālū bonda
Masala Upuma
Peanut Upuma
Savoury Puffs Gol gappa
Crispy Flour Discs Papri
Sweet and Sour Sauce Sonth
Fried Channa Dal Savoury
Puffed Rice and Nuts Savoury Chevda chūra
The Tale of the Sadhu
Sweetmeats and Sweet Dishes
Milk Sweet Barfi
Coconut Barfi Barfi narial
Pistachio Barfi Barfi pistā
Bombay Halva Bambai halva
Carrot Halva Gājar halva
Banana Halva Kela halva
Karachi Halva
Marrow Halva Gūda halva
Rice Halva Chāval halva
Sultana Halva Kishmish halva
Green Lentil Halva Mūng dāl halva
Peanut Halva Phali halva
Beetroot Halva Chukunda halva
Gram Flour Balls Laddū besan
Semolina Balls Laddū sūji
Cheese Fudge Sandesh
Flour and Milk Cakes Pinni
Milk Balls in Rosewater Syrup Gulāb jāman
SugarCoated Cubes Shakar pāre
SugarCoated Doughnuts Bālu shāhi
Semolina and CoconutMilk Cakes Kalkals
Thick Milk Khoya Cake
Curd Balls in Syrup Rasgullas
Cheese Balls in Cream Ras malai
Flour Spirals in Syrup Jalebi
Mysore Sweetmeat Masūr ki pak
Semolina Cookies Nān khatai
SweetPotato Balls Susiam
Flour Rolls in Syrup Kalkas
BlackEye Beans and Coconut
Coconut and Raisin Sweet Lethri
Date and Nut Sweet
Sweet Dishes
Sweet Rice Mīthe chāval
Creamed Rice Khīr
Creamed Almonds Khīr badām
Sweet Rice Pulau Zarda pulau
Tamil Sweet Rice Phakkarai pongal
Rice Flour Blancmange Phirni Firni
Creamed Semolina Khīr sūji
Creamed Vermicelli Khīr savia
Royal Bread Shāhi tukara
Condensed Milk Sweet Rabri
Flavoured Curd and Nut Sweet Shrīkand
Indian Ice Cream Kulfi
Pistachio Ice Cream
Banana Ice Cream
Semolina Pudding Sūji halva
Coconut Dumplings Nariyal pitta
Stuffed Banana Balls Kervai
Pancakes Mālpura
Pickles and Chutneys
Sweet Cauliflower
Mixed Vegetable
Lemon Achar
Vegetable Achar
Mixed Fruit
Ginger and Garlic
Fresh Chutneys
Mint and Coriander
The Tale of the Squash Maker
Drinks and Soups
Curd drink Lassi
Honey Milk
Mango Squash
Orange Squash
Lichi Squash
Pineapple Squash
Almond Sherbert Sharbat badām
Almond Drink
Sandalwood Sherbert Sharbat sandal
Rose Sherbert Sharbat gulāb
Lemon Water Nimbū pāni
Lemon Syrup
Lemonade Syrup
Kashmiri Tea
Aniseed Tea
Cumin Appetiser Jīra pāni
Pepperwater Rasam
Mulligatawny Soup
Lemon Rasam
Tomato Rasam
Note on Pronunciation of Indian Words
The Tale of the Pandit

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About the author (2012)

Jack Santa Maria was born in England. He now lives in Abertillary, Gwent.

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