Jyl of Breyntfords Testament

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private circulation, 1871 - English literature - 44 pages
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Page 5 - A lytell contrauers Dyalogue bytwene Loue and Councell, with many goodly Argumentes of good Women and bad, very compendyous to all Estates. Lond.
Page 35 - In Langley's Abridgment of Polydore Vergil, fol. 180, it is said: 'There was a plague whereby many as they neezed dyed sodeyuly, werof it grew into a custome that they that were present when any man neezed should say, "God helpe you." A like deadly plage was sometyme in yawning, wherfore menne used to fence themselves with the signe of the crosse : bothe which customes we reteyne styl at this day.
Page 5 - Imprynted at London in the Fletestrete at the sygne of the rose Garlande by Robert coplande. the yere of our lorde. M.CCCCC.xxi. the. xxii. day of Marche.
Page 10 - And of t ninth, oft in the redyng It dyd styre me to fall on smylyng. Consyderyng the prety pastyme And rydycle ordre of the ryme, The couert termes, vnder a mery sence, Shewyng of many the blynd in-solence, Tauntyng of thynges past and to come, Where as my selfe was hyt with some; And for that cause I dyd intend After thys maner to haue it pende, Prayeng all them that mery be, If it touch them, not to blame me. So, in guise of his own experience, Copland gives us the reasons for the popularity,...
Page 4 - R. Copland translated and printed " The Rutter of the See, with the Hauores, Rodes, Soundynges, Kennynges, Wyndes, Flodes, and Ebbes, Daungers, and Coastes of Dyuers Regyons &c." Lond. 1528, 16mo. which went through several impressions. Copland affixed a Prologue of his own. He also contributed the Petycyon and Envoye to the Mymmr of the Chyrche, 1521; and he has verses before the Secrets of Aristotyle, 1528; and W.
Page 5 - Bace daunces ; at the end of which come the two concluding paragraphs in the book.] ^f These daunces have I set at the ende of this boke to thentent that euery lerner of the sayd boke after theyr...
Page 24 - ... er behauptet, daß sie in seinem, des Teufels, Interesse erlassen worden seien. Die Meßfeier bezeichnet er als sein eigenes Banner im Kampf gegen seinen Todfeind Jesus Christus. Von den Meßzeremonien sagt er, daß sie blasphemisch seien und daß er sie deshalb weitergeführt wissen möchte: "... I wyl them, vnder the colour of the Communion set furthe by their godly Prince, boldly and vnshamefastly to keepe, maintayne, & vpholde my blasphemous Masse, which is an iniurye to the right institucion...
Page 7 - House, a very large modern mansion, said to have as many windows as there are days in the year.
Page 7 - ... legacies, although dispensed with the utmost liberality, and in some respects with judgment, were not, however, very acceptable. According to the black-letter tract, she was hostess of a respectable inn at Brentford, and, therefore, we may presume, suitable company for Mistress Ford : — " At Brentford on the west of London, Nygh to a place that called is Syon, There dwelt a widow of a homly sort, Honest in...

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