Light in Shaping Life: Biophotons in Biology and Medicine

Front Cover, Jan 1, 2014 - Photobiology - 419 pages

 The production of biological light (ultra-weak photon emission or biophotons) within many types of cells and tissues is characteristic of an alive organism. 

You will begin a journey of discovery about biophotons in relationship to biological matter

and about how such biophotons can be detected utilizing specialized very photon-sensitive


In this book, Roeland Van Wijk provides a unified synthesis that facilitates easy entry into an exciting

sub-field of biology. Light in Shaping Life encompasses the history of biophoton research,

insight into how biophotons are generated, and into their involvement with life. 

Also included, is an overview of the potential benefits of such research to a better understanding

of health and medicine. 

There is sequel to Light in Shaping Life available: Biophoton Technology in Energy and Vitality Diagnostics A Multi-disciplinary, Systems biology, and Biotechnology Appraoch Roeland van Wijk, Yu Yan and Eduard van Wijk Meluna, 2017 ISBN 9789081884341


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n PART B Birth and Growth of Biophoton Field Concept 77
More about Glycolysis and Respiration visāvis Cancer as a Model and 179
n PART E Improving Understanding and Application of the Photon Field Concept 295
Photon Storage and Emission in Cancer Cells 299
Photon Field Aspects in the 1990s 323
Imaging Human Photon Emission 361
Biophotons As a Bridge Between Western and Chinese 375
Author Index 407

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