Math Is Easy So Easy, Calculus, First Edition

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Team Rock Press, 2008 - Calculus - 92 pages
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There are many self-help math books available, but none are quite like this one. Math Is Easy, So Easy, first separates math topics into those which are essential and nonessential. The struggling math student (and parent of a struggling math student) must be able to focus on the math topics which will return the greatest effect in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, math teachers and math textbooks simply try to cover too much material, the bulk of which, has no impact on a student's successful completion of math up through calculus in high school. Second, Math Is Easy, So Easy, tries to provide clarity of instruction for a few problems which cover the important aspects of the essential topics. Contrary to most math teacher instruction, it is more important and beneficial to know a few key problems well, than to try to cover many problems only superficially. If you are the parent of a student who is struggling in math, you know how frustrating it can be to get to the bottom of what your student really needs to know to survive and persist in math up through calculus in high school. You also know how important it is that your student stay in math as long as possible in high school, so that they are better prepared to enter and succeed in college. You also, no doubt, know how seemingly unreasonable your struggling student's math teacher can be in terms of communicating with you and your student. As a math teacher for many years now, Max wrote this book to help you and your struggling math student survive math with as few, "I hate math," outbursts as possible. Lastly, Max has personally witnessed many students who struggle in math in high school who then go on to mature into great engineers and scientists. This book will help your student to stay in math longer and be more successful. There is a separate book for each of six math classes: 7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis and Calculus. There is a single "Combo" book with all six books in one. Make sure you get the right book for your needs. Nathaniel Max Rock, an engineer by training, has taught math in middle school and high school including math classes: 7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis and AP Calculus. Max has been documenting his math curricula since 2002 in various forms, some of which can be found on, and Max is also an AVID elective teacher and the lead teacher for the Academy of Engineering at his high school.

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