Midrash Shmuel: A Collection of Commentaries on Pirkei Avot

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Haktav Institute, 1994 - Judaism - 440 pages
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against answer Antigonus apostate Avraham Bechukotai become Beit Beit Din Beit HaMikdash Beit Midrash Ben Zoma Birkat HaMazon cause Chaim Vital challah Chanina ben Dosa Chassid circumcise clause Cohen Gadol commit considered death penalty decree deeds Devarim disciples Egypt Enosh Eretz Yisrael esoteric eventually Evil Inclination execution by burning explains fear of G-d fear of sin fulfill Gan Eden Gehinnom give ha'aretz Halachah halachic HaMelech Harah Heaven Heavenly Hebrew Hillel himself Holy honor However idea individual Instead interpersonal relationships Israel Jerusalem Jewish judge laws learn Torah Levi'im man's menstrual cycles merit Midrash Midrash Shmuel Mishlei mishna refers mishna says mishna teaches mishna warns mishnayot mitzvah mitzvot Moshe Rabbeinu Mount Sinai Nezikin one's Oral Law parsha perform person pestilence physical Pirkei Avot possible previous mishna punishment pursuit of honor Rabban Gamliel Rabbeinu Yonah Rabbi Akiva Rabbi Elazar Rabbi Yishmael Rabbi Yochanan Rambam Rashbam Rashi reason Rebbi receive repent reward righteous Sages say sake Sanhedrin serve G-d serve HaShem Shabbat Shammai Shemoneh Esreh Shimon Shimon ben Gamliel Shimon ben Shetach Shimon ben Yochai Shmuel Showbread someone soul spiritual student study of Torah study Torah talmid chacham Talmud Tanna teacher Tehillim Thus tithes Torah knowledge Torah scholars Torah study traits transgressions tzadik tzedakah understanding verse says wealth why the mishna wicked wisdom words World to Come Yehoshuah Yochanan Yochanan ben Zakai yoke Yom Tov yourself Zohar

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