Notitia Cestriensis: Or Historical Notices of the Diocese of Chester, Volume 22

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Page 440 - Lune serpentizes for many a mile, and comes forth ample and clear, through a well-wooded and richly pastured foreground. Every feature which constitutes a perfect landscape of the extensive sort, is here not only boldly marked, but also in its best position.
Page 453 - Chapell, it was proposed and intended to be not only for the use of the Inhab
Page 562 - Serviee was performed at this Chapel; but in the latter end of Lady Bindloss...
Page 470 - Ldp y' there are three Townships and part of another in this Parish wch lie three, four, and five miles from the Chureh, and have no other eonvenient Plaee of publiek worship. That by this unhappy Situation they have still been exposed to temptations and Popery, (wch is too prevalent in these Parts of your Lordship's Dioeess,) and are thereby an easier Prey to the Priests of that Communion ; we having no less than six of these men in y" one Parish. From my first eoming to this plaee I have wished...
Page 498 - ... greater part of it with a new roof. This timely renovation restored, though with diminished splendour, the sacred pile, and has preserved to this remote part of Lancashire, an edifice of which the inhabitants have reason to boast. The building is of excellent masonry, in the pointed style of. architecture, and of a cruciform plan ; the whole length is...
Page 517 - It is nearly ten miles in length, and varies from a quarter of a mile to a mile in breadth, being about five miles from Dalton. By the Saxons it was ealled Waghany, and written, by mistake, Hovgunai in the Domesday Survey. It signifies a " walled island," or " a wall in the water," being insular only during high water.
Page 362 - Boat, neyther ean they pass with a Boat in some seasons of the year by reason of the great inundation of the...
Page 399 - Walter quit elaimed to the Abbot of Sees all his right in the Advowson of Pulton, with the Chureh of Biseopham.
Page 534 - ... Abbey of Furness in the year 1127. In the 7th Riehard I. the Abbot granted the Manor to Gilbert Fitz Reinfred and Helewise his wife, heiress of the Laneasters, Barons of Kendal. His deseendant, Roger de Laneaster, obtained in the 8th Edward I. a Charter for a Market at Ulverston every week on Thursday, and an annual Fair on the eve, the day, and the morrow of the B. Virgin's Nativity. In 1291 the Chureh of " Wolveston
Page 360 - By his Will dated the 18th of Mareh 1662-3, ho reeites that he had proeured a Free Sehool House to be built in Croston Chureh-yard, at his own great eost and trouble. He did not bequeath any sum for...