Planet X - The 2017 Arrival

Front Cover, Feb 9, 2016 - Religion - 100 pages

This book is a compendium of information from every sphere—astronomical, scientific, the Book of Revelation and geopolitics. It contains absolutely amazing revelations that direct us to one precise point in time in 2017.  Planet X is a cryptogram and this book contains the keys necessary to decode it.  When everything is considered together, it fits together perfectly like a watch.

The existence of Planet X is beyond any reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty.  We examine proofs of its existence.  In fact, if you want to ask one simple question that posits the theory of the reality of Planet X, just ask yourself where did 2.2 Trillion disappear to in the Pentagon's budget that Rumsfeld said was missing, and why do we have over 100 Underground Deep Bunkers throughout the U.S.?   Why are critical government infrastructures moving from their susceptible positions on the East Coast to the protected areas of Colorado?

But let's look at the astronomical evidence.  I have seen Planet X on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) through WorldWide Telescope.  This is a NASA infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope, launched in December 2009.  It is currently in the constellation Pisces, and is clearly marked as an Unidentified Object (but quite plainly visible dark red star) known as IC 5385. 

If you'd like to view it yourself, you can install WorldWide Telescope.  Just Google it and you'll be right at the page.  It's an observatory on your desktop and the most sophisticated online program I've seen.  You can view in multi-wavelength views and see stars and planets in context to each other. 

But back to our main topic—Planet X.  This book is a must-read and a Survival Guide to the most important story of the century.  It's also a page-turner, so I invite you to read and experience it now.


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