Playing The Akai EWI5000 Electronic Wind Instrument (2015-10-16)

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sOnit, Incorporated, Jan 10, 2015 - Music - 199 pages

This book is for the amateur musicians who are interested in electronic wind instruments in general and the Akai EWI5000 in particular. It explains the functions of the EWI’s various sensors, synthesiser components, audio effects, and external connections. It gives a visual map of the EWI’s maze-like menus, and shows how to configure the hardware parameters. And it describes the similarities and the differences between the EWI and the traditional wind instruments. But this book is not meant to replace the official Akai publications. It is also not a tips-and-tricks book that teaches you how to make fancy balloon animals out of the EWI, and it is not an instruction book that teaches you music theory fundamentals. It is focused on the technical information about the EWI, the sort of information not found in the official manuals, the sort of information you can use to decide whether the EWI is right for you if you have not already purchased one, the sort of information you can use to explore the numerous musical possibilities if you did purchase one.


Fix error about conical and cylindrical bores


Distinguish perceptual terms from physical terms

Add to care and maintenance section a tip on fashioning a cheap, lightweight carrying case


Add explanation for room simulation reverb effect

Add description of DAC to audio connections section

Elaborate explanation of transposing instruments

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