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W. Blackwood, 1842 - 282 pages

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Page 272 - In attempting this, he was inextricably involved with the enemy. Taking from his neck the casket which contained the heart- of Bruce, he cast it before him, and exclaimed with a loud voice, " Now pass onward as thou wert wont, and Douglas will follow thee or die...
Page 217 - Conquer in this !" — When by thy fever'd bed, Thou see'st the dark-wing'd angel take his stand, Who soon shall lay thy body with the dead, And bear thy spirit to the spirit's land : Fear not ! the cross sustains thee, and its aid In that last trial shall thy succour bring, Go fearless through the dark, the untried shade, For sin is vanquish, and death hath no sting.
Page 90 - I am blessed — but I would be more free ; I would go forth in all my spirit's lightness. Let me depart ! Ah ! who would linger till bright eyes grow dim, Kind voices mute, and faithful bosoms cold ? Till carking care, and coil, and anguish grim, Cast their dark shadows o'er this faery world ; Till fancy's...
Page 215 - Blazed in mid heaven the consecrated sign, Through the unmeasured tract of coming time The mystic cross doth with soft lustre glow, And speaks through every age, in every clime, To every slave of sin, and child of woe. " Conquer in this !"—Ay, when the rebel heart Clings to the idols it was wont to cherish, And, as it sees those fleeting boons depart, Grieveth that things so bright were form'd to perish; Arise, bereaved one!
Page 41 - Twixt Nature's smiles and tears, The Bow, O Lord ! which Thou hast bent, Bright in the cloud appears. The portal of thy dwelling-place That pure arch seems to be, And, as I bless its mystic light, My spirit turns to Thee. ' Thus, gleaming o'er a guilty world, We hail the ray of love ; — Thus dawns upon the contrite soul Thy mercy from above ; And as Thy faithful promise speaks Repentant sin forgiven, In humble hope we bless the beam That points the way to heaven.
Page 167 - GET up, little sister, the morning is bright, And the birds are all singing to welcome the light ; The buds are all opening — the dew's on the flower ; If you shake but a branch, see, there falls quite a shower.
Page 136 - A SPEECH, both pithy and concise, Marks a mind acute and wise; What speech, my friend, say, do you know, Can stand before "Exactly so?" I have a dear and witty friend Who turns this phrase to every end; None can deny that "Yes" or "No" Is meant in this
Page 137 - Or thinks perhaps is rather slow, He stops it by " Exactly so." It saves the trouble of a thought— No sour dispute can thence be sought; It leaves the thing in statu quo, This beautiful
Page 229 - The heart that once throbb'd in the Bruce's breast Was borne into fight by that baron bold. Marvel ye then that his arm was strong ? That he humbled the pride of the Paynim throng ? That where'er he turn'd, from his dreaded track The swarth sons of Afric, dismay'd, drew back ? Ev'n as the wild waves flow back from the rock, When it spurns back their might and derides their shock. " Pass on, brave heart, as thou wert wont, Th...
Page 213 - For I had seen the dreams depart Which once illusion shed; Had known the chillness of the heart When youth's gay charm is fled. Thou wert so bless'd, thou couldst not share The darkness of my doom ; Thou wert a flower too sweet, too rare, To cheer the desert's gloom. But years are past, and thou hast known Youth's noon-dreams fade away ; The light of doudless mirth is flown, And rapture's fleeting ray.

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