Privilege and Professional Confidences: An International Review

Front Cover
Steven B. Garland, Jamie-Lynn Kraft, Jeffrey Lewis
Bloomberg Law, American Intellectual Property Law Association, 2020 - Confidential communications
"The book focuses on the law of privileged communications in various jurisdictions, including both common law and civil law jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and numerous jurisdictions in Europe and Asia. The book looks at what types of communications may be the subject of protection against forced disclosure and the basis for such protection in the various jurisdictions of interest (e.g., common law solicitor/client privilege, civil law principle of professional secrecy), but also considers the means by which any such privilege may be maintained and/or lost. In addition to providing a review of the domestic law on the subject in the various jurisdictions, the book considers cross-border communication situations that may lead to the inadvertent waiver or loss of privilege and steps that can be taken to try and lessen the risks of any such potential loss. The book considers relevant issues of privileged communications from both the perspective of outside and in-house counsel. Also covered are current international initiatives being considered at the World Intellectual Property Organization and elsewhere to provide a harmonized approach to protection of privileged communications. The book is not limited to issues specific to intellectual property, although it considers the situation from the perspective of intellectual property rights owners and their IP counsel"--

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