Sensory Processing 101

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Sensory Processing 101, 2015 - Education - 190 pages

Whether you are a parent, educator, caregiver, or therapist, this easy-to-read guide is your starting point to gain a better understanding of sensory processing and the body's sensory systems. You may have heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, but this book is designed to help all children - not just those with a sensory disorder. The truth is that supporting healthy sensory processing is an important part of promoting overall health in every child.

With this comprehensive guide, you get three books in one, including:

*Sensory Processing Explained: An explanation of each sensory system from a therapist's point of view and from the perspective of a parent and educator

*Sensory Activities: Step-by-step instructions for activities you can use in everyday play with kids at home or at school to support the development of each sensory system

*Sensory Resources: Resources related to sensory processing, including support groups for parents and caregivers of children who have sensory needs, cheat sheets with quick overviews of each sensory system, and more

This full-color sensory guide is different than anything you have read before. It contains:

*Information concisely presented in one place to support sensory needs at home and in the classroom
*Real life stories from the classroom, home, and therapy settings

*Parent friendly language
*Easy to navigate format so you can find the information you need at the right moment

*Extensive list of sensory behaviors with strategies, activities and resources to help you understand your child and address their sensory needs
*Reproducible resources such as red flag checklists, sensory system overviews, quick materials shopping lists for sensory activities

About the author (2015)

Dayna Abraham is a National Board Certified early childhood educator of 12 years turned homeschooling mom of three. Founder of Lemon Lime Adventures, a popular parenting site that shares real-life experiences, education activities, and helpful information about Sensory Processing Disorder. Her mission is to remain down to earth while providing ideas for intentional learning experiences ranging from science to sensory play. Claire Heffron holds a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from The University of North Carolina and has been practicing in public and specialized school-based settings for 10 years. Pamela Braley holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University and has 18 years experience practicing in pediatric clinical and school-based settings. Lauren Drobnjak graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Physical Therapy. She has practiced for more than 15 years in both clinical and school-based settings.

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