Sex Drugs & Mafiosi

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Fit UpChapter 1"The girls told the mother that you touched them in between the legs" the detective said.I noticed his reluctance to say vagina..."You mean their vaginas?" I asked."Yes it will be a charge of indecent assault on a two girls aged ten and eleven" the cop said typing out the charge sheet."There will be no charge until you have questioned the mother and the two girls first before you charge me because they are lying and the accusations would be thrown out of court" I said confidently sitting back in my seat and smiling confidently."Why is that Mr Freeman?" the detective asked leaning forward on his seat."Well in that Jacuzzi were at first three people two young lovers and me sitting directly opposite then this woman comes along who has not been in the swimming pool, neither had her children decides to come in with two young girls! By the way is this woman blind?" as I asked this facetious question I saw the cop was becoming angry."No you know she isn't" he replied sharply."Well this Jacuzzi is a small circular pool and these girls sat right next to me leaving no room for others, I might add and if I had been a paedophile it would have been an invitation to touch them. Also to touch the second girl who sat next to the mother I would have to have reached across the first and put my hand on her vagina" I said starting to smile widely then to giggle..."Okay Mr Freeman back to your cell now and we will continue this interview later" he said angrily grabbing my arm.

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