The American Nations: Or, Outlines of Their General History, Ancient and Modern, Including the Whole History of the Earth and Mankind in the Western Hemisphere, the Philosophy of American History, the Annals, Traditions, Civilization, Languages, &c., of All the American Nations, Tribes, Empires, and States, Volume 1

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Page 5 - But their minds were blinded ; for until this day remaineth the same veil untaken away in the reading of the Old Testament, which veil is done away in Christ ; but even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart...
Page 5 - And not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not stedfastly look to the end of that which is abolished...
Page 126 - It was wonderful when they all went over the smooth deep water of the frozen sea, at the gap of the snake sea in the great ocean.
Page 124 - The men were there, the turtle there, they were turtling altogether. (Tulapewi are the turtle-men 15. He was frightened, he the turtle, he was praying, he the turtle, let it be to make well. 16. Water running off, it is drying, in the plains and the mountains, at the path of the cave, elsewhere went the powerful action or motion.
Page 138 - Mikwon, came the children of Dolojo-Sakima (King George) who said, more land, more land we must have, and no limit could be put to their steps and increase. 8. But in the north were the children of Lowi-Sakima, (King Louis), who were our good friends, allies of our allies, foes of our foes : yet Dolojo always wanted to war with them. 9. We had 3 kings after Mikwon came. Skalichi who was another Tamenend...
Page 124 - many monsters (Amangamelc) in the way, and some men were devoured by them. 12. But the daughter of a spirit, helped them in a boat, saying come, come, they were coming and were helped.
Page 140 - Sackingpouskan (Hard-walker), who was good and peaceful. He would not join our brothers, the Shawanis and Ottawas, nor Dolojo in the next war. 17. Yet after the last peace, the Kichikani- Yankwis came in swarms all around us, and they desired also our lands of Wapahani.
Page 7 - If we desire to be fully informed of a nation's history, we must not reject the fables under which the few traces that remain of its origin are concealed. These, however extravagant, always merit attention. They have an influence on the character of the people to whom they relate. They mix with their habits, their literature, and sometimes with their religion.
Page 137 - Walumolum was made by Lekhibit (the writer), to record our glory. Shall I write another to record our fall ? No ! Our foes have taken care to do that; but I speak what they know not or conceal. 3. We have had many other chiefs since that unhappy time. There were three before the friendly Mikwon (Miguon or Penn) came.
Page 123 - This strong snake had become the foe of the Jins, and they became troubled, hating each other.

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