The Aphorisms of Hippocrates and the Sentences of Celsus: With Explanations and References... : to Wich are Added Aphorisms Upon the Small-Pox, Measles, and Other Distempers...

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R. Bonwick, 1708 - 349 pages

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Page iii - Errors of thofe, who following their ftrain'd artificial Method in the Definitions of Difeafes, either leave out, or wreft a great many of Nature's Precepts that will not fall conveniently within the Verge of their Method ; by which means, fuch Methodifts perplex the true Senfe of Nature, and droping the more fubftantial Parts of the Science, amufe themfelves with the fony Remains of dry and empty Syftems.
Page 338 - Motions ^ and the *-* like terrible Symptoms, if they come in the beginning ought not to frighten .us, for they are certain Signs that the Small-Pox will appear, unlefs they are...
Page 337 - Death will be unavoidable. But how this Humour can lie fo long in the Body without doing any injury, is a Que,ftion that concerns us no more, than the Reafon...
Page 293 - Jnfpedion of Urine." For, there are many things that may alter the Properties both of the one and the other; contrary to our Expedation, and eyen beyond our • Imagination.
Page 234 - But we ought to conflder, that while a Man is racked to death by a Difeafe, there may happen ftrange Alterations both of Solids and Liquids, Thus fame.
Page 341 - XVIII. upon the eighth or eleventh day^ the Swelling ~ of the face, and Hands continue^ it is a good Sign ; but if. both Swelling and Salivation ceafe^ it it a mortal Sign.
Page 2 - Oifeafe are fo many and various, that it is. difficult to judge, whether this or that Medicine may anfwer ones Deiire, or whether the Difeafe is curable, or how it will determine.
Page 294 - Reaibn;. for according to the : State and Quality of the Spittle, is the State ; and Quality of the Blood* A ? H"C* APHORISM XXL < ought not to ft in a dark Place ^ behind the ^Patient* $ Head' 7 'but in a, cl&av oppofitefo the Patient j.
Page 339 - X. faEldom any one dies^_ becaufe the Small-Pox - comes not forth in the firft Days, but becaufe they come forth either too fientifully or too early.
Page 269 - The whole Bufinefs of a Phyfician, Is either : to add or diminifh the Quantity, or to temper 1 the Quality of the Humours that caufe the Difeafe.

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