The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County, Volume 8

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Page 1072 - tis to cast one's eyes so low ! The crows, and choughs, that wing the midway air, Show scarce so gross as beetles. Half way down Hangs one that gathers samphire ; dreadful trade ! Methinks he seems no bigger than his head. The fishermen, that walk upon the beach, Appear like mice ; and yon' tall, anchoring bark, Diminished to her cock ; her cock, a buoy Almost too small for sight.
Page 1072 - Appear like mice; and yon' tall anchoring bark, Diminish'd to her cock; her cock, a buoy Almost too small for sight: The murmuring surge, That on the unnumber'd idle pebbles chafes, Cannot be heard so high: — I'll look no more; Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight Topple down headlong.
Page 1114 - Gothic structure, in the form of a cross, with a tower rising from the intersection of the nave, and supported by four pillars of uncommon magnitude. The interior is remarkably neat ; having a raised floor, and with pews of the best wainscot.
Page 1122 - the mayor, jurats, and commonalty of the town and port " of Hythe, in the county of Kent.
Page 972 - And mariners, though shipwreck'd, dread to land. Here reign the blustering North and blighting East, No tree is heard to whisper, bird to sing; 10 Yet Nature could not furnish out the feast, Art he invokes new horrors still to bring.
Page 1352 - And when too much repose brings on the spleen, Or the gay city's idle pleasures cloy; Swift as my changing wish, I change the scene ; And now the country, now the town enjoy.
Page 972 - Holland formed the pious resolution To smuggle a few years, and strive to mend A broken character and constitution. On this congenial spot he fixed his choice; Earl Goodwin trembled for his neighbouring sand; Here sea-gulls scream, and cormorants rejoice, And mariners, though shipwrecked, dread to land.
Page 724 - Tong lies in the heart of the stronghold of ague on either side of the Swale. The soil is throughout very rich ; but this is the Kentish region of " wealth without health." The local proverb runs — " He that will not live long, Let him dwell at Murston, Tenham, or Tong.
Page 1123 - It is built in the form of a cross, with a tower at the west end...
Page 1333 - Belles Lettres. Nor was this nicety of his judgment confined only to books and literature, but was the same in statuary, painting, and all other parts of art. Bernini would have taken his opinion upon the beauty and attitude of a figure ; and King Charles did not agree with Lely, that my Lady Cleveland's picture was finished, till it had the approbation of my Lord Buckhurst.

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