The Black Star of Mu

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Black Wolf Edition & Publishing Limited, Jun 21, 2018 - Fiction - 268 pages

The Black Star of Mu is a loop. In some way it is a timeless novel without head neither tail because the head corresponds to the tail in a circular return, in a tracking process in which even Time takes form and looks at the events sitting on a bench. The essence of this image is given by numerous polysemous universes contained one inside the other that reach specular results. The protagonist is anarchy, principal element of the narration on which the various characters insert like pins on a pillow. The plot is a mix of dreamlike and reality of past and present. This representation appears deformed in symbols constantly referred to a metaphysical beyond that acquires flesh and blood as a real entity even if extrahuman.
The action motive is the power in name of which innocent blood is spilled. The narrative expands in the temporal space of a potential fall on the Upper World that will offer occasion and tool to sing the song of Mu and its capital Dailorg, the stronghold of the free Underground World where the inhabitants can die but never get old because eternal things don't change in the traditional sense of the word. The evil, incarnated in the wizard defeating the frogs, will violate using the art of black magic, through the door of doubt, the parallelism among the worlds. The pearly path of the Great Mothers of Mu will shake after the establishment of a phallocentric and state-controlled system whose soldiers will be ranks of dead ones. Nevertheless, the resistance of Mu will unveil unexpected consequences passing the Unknowable Beyond until the philosophical prospect of the antimatter.

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