The Cavendish Family

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Constable, 1911 - Devonshire, Dukes of - 326 pages

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Page 127 - and there in favour to my eyes staid at home, reading the ridiculous history of my Lord Newcastle, wrote by his wife; which shows her to be a mad, conceited, ridiculous woman, and he an ass to suffer her to write what she writes to him and of him.' On the other hand, Charles Lamb,
Page 78 - for it doth allwaies make me worse, and I think it will do the like with you. I ride every day, and am ready to follow any other directions from you. Make hast to returne to him that loves you. CHARLES P.
Page 194 - but he was a man strictly faithful to his word. If, for instance, he had promised you an acorn, and none had grown that year in his woods, he would not have contented himself with that excuse ; he would have sent to Denmark for it. So unconditional was he in keeping his word; so high as to the point of honour.' ' This,
Page 52 - confound with the Earl of Newcastle's brother, was his cousin, " the Earl of Devonshire's second son/' an accomplished young man of three-and-twenty; for whom there was great lamenting;—indeed a general emotion about his death, of which we, in these radical times, very irreverent of human quality itself, and much more justly of the
Page 106 - There was not any one crooked, or any ways deformed, neither were they dwarfish, or of a giantlike stature, but every ways proportionable; likewise well-featured, clear complexions, brown hairs (but some lighter than others), sound teeth, sweet breaths, plain speeches, tunable voices (I mean not so much to sing as in speaking, as not stuttering, nor
Page 39 - Islands, and an original member of 'the ' Company of the City of London for the plantation - of the Somers Islands,' an offshoot of the Virginia Company.
Page 67 - Frends do raise; I made my Life my Monument, and yours, To which there's no Materiall that endures. Nor yet Inscription like it. Write but that, And teach your Nephews it to emulate, It will be Matter loud enough to tell, Not when I died, but how I liv'd. Farewell.
Page 131 - Loveing and carefull wife, and was with her Lord all the time of his banishment and miseries, and when he came home, never parted from him in his solitary retirements.
Page 106 - For he, having but two sons, purposed to marry me, a young woman that might prove fruitful to him and increase his posterity by a masculine offspring. Nay, he was so desirous of male issue that I have heard him say he cared not (so

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