The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (EVOLANG8), Utrecht, Netherlands, 14-17 April 2010

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Andrew D. M. Smith
World Scientific, 2010 - Computers - 552 pages
Is grammaticalization glossogenetic? / Giorgos P. Argyropoulos -- Mythology and the evolution of language / Alan Barnard -- Symmetrical artefacts, internal reward and language precursors in the head / Brian Bayly -- Linguistic adaptation at work? The change of word order and case system from Latin to the Romance languages / Christian Bentz, Morten H. Christiansen -- Invariants and variation in biology and language evolution / Robert C. Berwick -- From neurons to signs / Denis Bouchard -- Cultural ratcheting results primarily from semantic compression / Joanna J. Bryson -- Iterated learning of multiple languages from multiple teachers / David Burkett, Thomas L. Griffiths -- On protolinguistic 'fossils' : subject-verb vs. verb-subject structures / Eugenia Casielles, Ljiljana Progovac -- Numerosity, abstraction, and the emergence of metaphor in language / Frederick L. Coolidge, Thomas Wynn -- Self-organization and emergence in language, a case study for color / Joachim De Beule, Joris Bleys -- Prosodic features in northern Muriquis vocalizations / Didier Demolin, CÚsar Ades, Fransisco D. C. Mendes -- Have you anything unexpected to say? The human propensity to communicate surprise and its role in the emergence of language / Jean-Louis Dessalles -- The innateness of language : a view from genetics / Karl C. Diller, Rebecca L. Cann -- A new theory of language and its implications for the question of evolution / Daniel Dor, Eva Jablonka -- Horizontal transmission of call features in killer whale dialects / Olga A. Filatova, Erich Hoyt, Alexandr M. Burdin -- Information and influence in animal communication / Julia Fischer, Kurt Hammerschmidt -- A molecular genetic framework for testing hypotheses about language evolution / W. Tecumseh Fitch, Michael A. Arbib, Merlin Donald -- Emergence of Aktionsarten : the first step towards aspect / Kateryna Gerasymova -- Talking about birds, bees, and primates too. Implications for language evolution / Kathleen R. Gibson -- The effect of social popularities on linguistic categorization / Tao Gong -- Exploring the roles of major forms of cultural transmission in language evolution / Tao Gong -- How To identify the units, levels and mechanisms of language evolution / Nathalie Gontier -- Linguistic analogy for creativity and the origin of language / Takashi Hashimoto, Masaya Nakatsuka, Takeshi Konno -- Applications of the price equation to language evolution / Gerhard Jńger -- Interplay between language, navigation and kin selection / Dimitar Kazakov -- Children learn sound symbolic words better : evolutionary vestige of sound symbolic proto language / Sotaro Kita, Katerina Kantartzis, Mutsumi Imai

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