The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Gresham: Comp. Chiefly from His Correspondence Preserved in Her Majesty's Statepaper Office: Including Notices of Many of His Contemporaries. With Illustrations, Volume 1

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Page 391 - It must be superfluous to remark, that by old writers, he is often written a. " There was a quiver little fellow, and "a would manage you his piece thus : and 'a would about, and about .... rah,
Page 28 - person passyng by the way, with theyre fylthy and nasty savours. Wherefore may it please your marcifull goodness, (enclyned to pytie and compassion,) for the releffe of Crysts very images, created to his own similitude, to order by your high authoritie, as supreme hed of this Chyrche of England, or otherwise by your sage
Page 391 - a say ; bounce, would 'a say ; and away again would 'a go, and again would 'a come :—I shall never see such a
Page x - Foundation, Progress, and Present State of Gresham College in London, with the Life of the Founder," contains no Life, and does not correspond with its title-page : and the seemingly laborious (and certainly heavy) article on the subject in the Biographia Britannica is little else than a transcript from Ward's work,—encumbered with an apparatus of notes.
Page 189 - 1 day. And as the thyrde day, the Regent, being in this town of Andwerpe, about 7 of the clocke at night, dyd cause the great bell to ringe, to give all men to understand that the news was trewe. Signifying unto your honnors, that as the ii°
Page 308 - or negotiable bills of exchange, in an instrument bearing the date of 1364, (Rymer, vol. vi. p. 495). In 1400, bills were drawn in sets, and worded exactly as at present (Macpherson, p. 614 : and see Beckmann's History of Inventions, vol. iii. p. 430.)
Page 51 - The owner of this interesting picture * possesses another relic connected with Gresham's hasty marriage,—his supposed wedding-ring, which is preserved in an ancient miniature jeweller's chest. It opens horizontally, thus forming two rings, which are nevertheless linked together, and respectively inscribed on the inner side with a Scripture posy. QVOD • DEVS
Page 279 - as also for the xx M li. that her Hyghnes doth owe them. Nevertheless, considering how moche yt doth import the Quene's Majestie's credit, of force she must use her Merchants ; and for the compassing thereof, her highnes shall have good opportewnity both to bargayn and to bringe them to what price her
Page 437 - to Mr. Secretary to have hys favore therein, I wyll nott doutt butt to make so fere a bourse in London as the grett bourse is in Andwarpe, withhoutt molestyng of any man more then he shulld be well dysposyd to geve. Herein I am somwatt tedyus : desyryng you to pardone me,
Page 246 - After my hartie comendacons,—I have perceived by my brother that you will not be here at Byssham this Christemas, but as gest [guest-] wise ; and that my Lady will not then be here with you

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