The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania

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New Lenox Books, 2012 - Political Science - 301 pages
The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism is the first book on climate change that is fun to read. Using figures, cartoons, and whimsical sidebars, Steve Goreham describes our crazy world, which is far down the primrose path of global warming fantasy. Contrary to popular consensus, global warming is natural and cars are innocent. But this book is not short on science. Goreham uses charts, graphs, and references to dozens of scientific papers to support his arguments. He shows that icecap melting, stronger storms, polar bear extinction, and many other climate fears are unfounded. At the same time, his large collection of zany pictures and quotes grabs the reader's interest. Learn the real story about climate change.

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Finally, some real science about global warming. This is a must read for anyone interested in the subject. The author uses the pro-global warming scientific data without alteration or selective truncating to provide a convincing argument that mankind is not impacting climate as commonly-accepted. I have searched for a scientific debunking of this book and facts, but all I can find are emotional rantings. It's time to stop supporting falsehoods because of political affiliations and pay attention to scientific fact. I was undecided about the topic until reading this book. I welcome reading rebuttals that are grounded in real science, and hope that scientists will stop being persecuted if they disagree with the political acceptance of manmade global warming. 

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Skimming the book I noted several misrepresentations of climate science and associated data, such as the claim on page 84 about water vapor and clouds being more likely to cause global warming than the burning of fossil fuels. Facts about the role of water vapor in climate change are explained clearly on the Real Climate web site ( Given time and energy, it seems likely that any student in an environmental science program could find other credible sources to more accurately and truthfully explain the science than what Mr. Goreham does.
The book lacks a list of references of where it came up with the numbers and charts it presents. It does list some cryptic footnotes like one on page 84 (Schmidt et al. 2010) but there is no bibliographic information to track down the actual source. It also lacks an index so, for a student or teacher looking to find the author's take on specific topics like sea-floor methane deposits or atmospheric water vapor effects on global warming, this book doesn't work well. It doesn't look or read like a scientific text, so I assume it was not written for an audience of educators or students. I'm glad to know that it exists in case people I meet while working in forestry ask me about some of it's claims. I can probably point them in the direction of more credible literature that should help to support or debunk Mr. Goreham's claims, most of which I assume are probably false.

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Steve Goreham is executive director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a speaker and author on environmental issues, a former engineer and business executive, and a father of three. The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism is his second book. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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