The Monodoxy: The Principles of The Aesthetic Cosmos

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The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism, Mar 2, 2019 - Philosophy - 883 pages

The Monodoxy is a 275,000 word-long philosophical disquisition categorised as the first of twelve disquisitions that, when considered collectively, form The Omnidoxy, the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism established by Cometan. The disquisition comprises of hundreds of discourses which are themselves titled by rubrals and written according to a style and structure known as insentence. The Monodoxy's authorship solely rests with Cometan, the first Millettic philosopher and the founder of Astronism whom began writing The Monodoxy at the age of just seventeen through what he termed as personal inspiration. 

The Monodoxy has been said to formulate the thematic identity of the philosophy of Astronism due to its prominent focus on the elements, progeny, and phenomena of The Cosmos in a distinct way to all the other eleven disquisitions forming The Omnidoxy. Hundreds of new schools of thought, disciplines of study, and philosophical belief orientations hold their roots in The Monodoxy in addition to thousands of new terms, concepts, and theories which hold a distinguished originality and Cometanic style combined with an Astronic identity. There are a total of fifty-three discourses which constitute The Monodoxy, each of which holds its own special title known as a rubral which are used to provide overviews of the discourses to which they are associated.


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This philosophical treatise is perfect for those whom wish to challenge themselves with a long, yet immerse and mind-blowing read. Full of new words, ideas, and worldviews, The Monodoxy is only the first of twelve disquisitions which form part of The Omnidoxy.


The Journey Through The Cosmos page
The Future of the World page
The Centrality of Gravitation Gravitology page
The Philosophy of The Grand Cosmos page
The Centrality of Wonderment page
The Cosmographics Cosmography page
The Observable Cosmos The Unobservable Cosmos page
The Philosophy of The Cosmos page
The Stars of The Cosmos Heliology page
The Educative Mission The Cosmechesis page
The Cosmical Schematism page
Formationism Evolutionism page
The Cosmic Territories Territorialism page
Habitabilitism page
The Five Bonds of Society page

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About the author (2019)

Cometan (born 1 July, 1998) is the first Millettic philosopher and an autodidact of philosophy, the eponymous founder of Cometanism, also known as Astronism and the sole author of the Omnidoxy which immortalised Cometan's identity as a philosopher. Cometan is the mononym, scholarly name, and historical name for Brandon Taylorian who is responsible for founding the Millettarian philosophical tradition which was structured in the document known as The Grand Centrality within which The Omnidoxy, The Millettarian Methodology and other founding works reside. During the construction of The Philosophy of Millettism in particular, Taylorian opted for a cosmic sounding name in the Millettarian onomatological system that uniquely emphasises mononyms and cosmically-themed names.

Millettarian philosophy is interchangeably known as cometanic philosophy which can be summarised as a distinct preoccupation with the affairs, issues, mechanisms, theology and philosophy of The Cosmos as is manifested through the tenet and concept of cosmocentricity. Cometan officially embarked upon a philosophical career from the age of seventeen onwards, but had been developing his writing style, ideas, and stances on various topics from the age of fifteen during the Year of The Gift.

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