The Monthly Magazine, Volume 37

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Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1814 - Art

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Page 370 - ... regalia in high treatments and entertainments, and presents made thereof tu princes and grandees till the year 1657. The said Thomas Garway did purchase a quantity thereof, and first publikely sold the said tea in leaf and drink, made according to the directions of the most knowing merchants and travellers into those eastern countries...
Page 315 - God, trick up an innocency with cavillations, but plainly and ingenuously (as your lordships know my manner is) declare what I know or remember. Thirdly, That according to the course of justice, I may be allowed to except to the witnesses brought against me ; and to move questions to your lordships for their crossexaminations ; and likewise to produce my own witnesses for the discovery of the truth.
Page 521 - Majesty, stipulating for himself and his allies, engages to restore to His Most Christian Majesty, within the term which shall be hereafter fixed, the colonies, fisheries, factories, and establishments of every kind which were possessed by France on the 1st of January, 1792, in the seas and on the continents of America, Africa, and Asia; with the exception, however, of the Islands of Tobago and St.
Page 370 - Tea in England hath been sold in the leaf for six pounds, and sometimes for ten pounds the pound weight, and in respect of its former scarceness and dearness it hath been only used as a regalia in high treatments and entertainments, and presents made thereof to princes and grandees till the year 1657.
Page 350 - Buonaparte, during a certain period of firm and prudent government, afforded to the nation reasons to calculate for the future on acts of wisdom and justice ; but that, afterwards, he violated the compact which united him to the French people, particularly in levying imposts and establishing taxes otherwise than in virtue of the law, against the express...
Page 413 - LODGE'S Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs. 240 Portraits engraved on Steel, with the respective Biographies unabridged. 8 vols. 5*. each. LONGFELLOW'S Prose Works. With 16 full -page Wood Engravings. 5*. LOUDON'S (Mrs.) Natural History. Revised edition, by WS Dallas, FLS With numerous Woodcut Illus. $s. LOWNDES...
Page 288 - Has the Pope, or Cardinals, or any body of men, or any individual of the Church of Rome, any civil authority, power, jurisdiction, or pre-eminence, whatsoever, within the realm of England ? 2.
Page 350 - The armies of the Allied Powers have occupied the capital of France; the Allied Sovereigns receive favourably the wish of the French nation.
Page 12 - And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night: and the evening and the morning were the first day.
Page 288 - Principle in the Tenets of the Catholic Faith, by which Catholics are justified in not keeping Faith with Heretics, or other Persons differing from * them in Religious Opinions, in any Transaction, either of a public or a private Nature ? The Universities answered unanimously, 1.

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