The Romance of Lust: Fully Illustrated (Sexually Explicit) Classic Victorian Erotic Literature: the Wickedly Erotic Adventures and Sex Stories of a Young Man With an Insat

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Createspace Independent Pub, Oct 28, 2010 - Fiction - 376 pages
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The Romance of Lust is a provocative, sexually explicit erotic novel from the Victorian era. Banned around the world, this famous adult text was published anonymously in 4 volumes from 1873 - 1876.Join Charlie on his erotic adventures of his emerging sexuality.With his large penis and equally insatiable sexual appetite, Charlie enjoys sexual encounters including homosexuality, sodomy, group orgies, double penetration, masturbation, flagellation (spanking), fellatio, cunnilingus and incest. The depiction of a wide variety of sexual practices has made the Romance of Lust a highly regarded work of erotic fiction.Beautifully illustrated with full page vintage erotica pictures and sexually explicit art paintings, The Romance of Lust is a must read book of classic erotic literature."In an instant I was unbuttoned and had my trousers down, and was between her legs almost before she had concluded her sentence. The excitement of my caresses had moistened her juicy cunt, and the head of my prick entered without any difficulty. ... I gradually made my way up to its utmost limits. Here I stopped, leaving it sheathed up to the root, and making it throb from instant to instant. Then seeking my loved Miss Evelyn's mouth, our lips and tongues met. Her arms round my waist became tighter in their embrace. The delicious folds of her luscious juicy quim began to throb and press on my excited member. Allowing her to become thoroughly excited, I waited until she actually quite unexpectedly yielded down her nature, and spent profusely, to the exquisite pleasure of my saturated organ.""With abandon we both sank in the death-like ecstasies of the delicious melting away in all the luxury of contented and voluptuous discharges."

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