The Sacred Writings of Lactantius (Annotated Edition)

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Jazzybee Verlag, 2012 - 1007 pages
"The Sacred Writings Of ..." provides you with the essential works among the Christian writings. The volumes cover the beginning of Christianity until medieval times. Contents: The Divine Institutes Book I. Of the False Worship of the Gods. Book II. Of the Origin of Error. Book III. Of the False Wisdom of Philosophers. Book IV. Of True Wisdom and Religion. Book V. Of Justice. Book VI. Of True Worship. Book VII. Of a Happy Life. The Epitome of the Divine Institutes A Treatise on the Anger of God On the Workmanship of God, or the Formation of Man Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died. Fragments of Lactantius The Phoenix A Poem on the Passion of the Lord General Note. Footnotes:

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Difference of Sex for Procreation
Described in Italy Among the Romans and Who Among Other
that There is But One
Of the False Wisdom of Philosophers
Of Religion Wisdom and the Chief Good
That the Philosophers Who Give Good Instructions
Socrates Had More Knowledge in Philosophy Than
Of True Religion and of Nature Whether Fortune
Of the True Worship of God and Sacrifice
Of the Ways of Life and the First Times of the World
Of the Duties of Justice Chapter LXI Of the Passions
Of Restraining the Pleasures of the Senses
That Shows are Most Powerful to Corrupt the Minds
The Passions are to Be Subdued and We Must Abstain from Forbidden Things
Precepts About Those Things Which are Commanded and of Pity
Of Faith in Religion and of Fortitude

Of True Wisdom and Religion
Of Justice
Of True Worship
Of a Happy Life
Of the Immortality of the Soul and of Virtue
Of Vices and Virtues and of Life and Death
Of the Last Times and of the Soul and Body
Of the Soul and the Body and of Their Union and Separation and Return
Of the Soul and the Testimonies Concerning Its Eternity
Of the First and Last Times of the World
Of the Devastation of the World and Change of
Of the Devastation of the World and Its Prophetic Omens 122
Of the False Prophet and the Hardships of the Righteous and His Destruction
Of the Fortunes of the World at the Last Time and of the Things Foretold by the Soothsayers
Of the Advent of Christ to Judgment and of the Overcoming of the False Prophet
Of the Judgment of Christ of Christians and of the Soul
Of the Torments and Punishments of Souls
Of the Error of the Poets and the Return of the Soul from the Lower Regions
Of the Resurrection of the Soul and the Proofs of This Fact
Of the Renewed World
Of the Last Times and of the City of Rome
Of the Loosing of the Devil and of the Second and Greatest Judgement
An Encouragement and Confirmation of the Pious
The Epitome of the Divine Institutes The Preface The Plan and Purport of the Whole Epitome1 And of the Institutions
Of the Divine Providence Chapter II That There is But One God and that There Cannot Be More
The Testimonies of the Poets Concerning the One
The Testimonies of the Philosophers to the Unity of God Chapter V That the Prophetic WomenThat Is the SibylsDeclare
Since God is Eternal and Immortal He Does Not Stand in Need of Sex and Succession
Of the Wicked Life and Death of Hercules Chapter VIII Of Aesculapius Apollo Mars Castor and Pollux and of Mercurius and Bacchus
Of the Disgraceful Deeds of the Gods Chapter X Of Jupiter and His Licentious Life
The Various Emblems Under Which the Poets Veiled the Turpitude of Jupiter Chapter XII The Poets Do Not Invent All Those Things Which Relate t...
The Actions of Jupiter are Related from the Historian Euhemerus Chapter XIV The Actions of Saturnus and Uranus Taken from the Historians
Of the Gods Peculiar to the Romans Chapter XXI Of the Sacred Rites of the Roman Gods
Of the Sacred Rites Introduced by Faunus and Numa Chapter XXIII Of the Gods and Sacred Rites of the Barbarians
Of the Origin of Sacred Rites and Superstitions
Of the Golden Age of Images and Prometheus Who First Fashioned
Of the Worship of the Elements and Stars Chapter XXVII Of the Creation Sin and Punishment of Man And of Angels Both Good and
Of the Demons and Their Evil Practices
Of the Patience and Providence of
Of False Wisdom
Of Knowledge and Supposition Chapter XXXII Of the Sects of Philosophers and Their Disagreement
What is the Chief Good to Be Sought in Life
That Men are Born to Justice Chapter XXXV That Immortality is the Chief Good
Of the PhilosophersNamely Epicurus and Pythagoras
Of Socrates and His Contradiction
Of Plato Whose Doctrine Approaches More Nearly to the Truth
Of Various Philosophers and of the Antipodes
Of the Foolishness of the Philosophers Chapter XLI Of True Religion and Wisdom
the Name of Christ Known to None Except Himself and His Father
Of the Name of Jesus Christ and His Twofold
The Twofold Nativity of Christ is Proved from the Prophets Chapter XLV The Power and Works of Christ are Proved from the Scriptures
It is Proved from the Prophets that the Passion and Death of Christ Had Been Foretold
Of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ the Sending of the Apostles and the Ascension of the Saviour into Heaven
Of the Disinheriting of the Jews and the Adoption of the Gentiles
That God is One Only Chapter L Why God Assumed a Mortal Body and Suffered Death
Of the Death of Christ on the Cross
The Hope of the Salvation of Men Consists in the Knowledge of the True God and of the Hatred of the Heathens Against the Christians
The Reasons of the Hatred Against the Christians are Examined and Refuted
Of the Freedom of Religion in the Worship of
The Heathens Charge Justice with Impiety in Following
Of Justice Which is the Worship of the True
Of Wisdom and Foolishness
Of Repentance the Immortality of the Soul and of Providence
Of the World Man and the Providence of
That the World Was Made on Account of Man and Man on Account of
The Immortality of the Soul is Confirmed
Of the Last Times
Of Christ Descending from Heaven to the General Judgment and of the Millenarian Reign 160
The Hope of Safety is in the Religion and Worship of
A Treatise on the Anger of
Of Divine and Human Wisdom
Of the Truth and Its Steps and of
Of the Good and Evil Things in Human Affairs and of Their Author
Of God and His Affections and the Censure of Epicurus
The Opinion of the Stoics Concerning God Of His Anger and Kindness
That God is Angry Chapter VII Of Man and the Brute Animals and Religion
Of Religion
Of the Providence of God and of Opinions Opposed to
Of the Origin of the World and the Nature of Affairs and the Providence of
Of God and that the One God and by Whose Providence the World is Governed and Exists
Of Religion and the Fear of
Of the Advantage and Use of the World and of the Seasons
Why God Made
Whence Sins Extended to
Of God and His Anger and Affections
Of God His Care and Anger
Of the Punishment of Faults that It Cannot Take Place Without Anger
Of the Soul and Body and of Providence
Of Offences and the Mercy of
Of the Anger of God and
Of Sins and the Verses of the Sibyls Respecting
Them Recited
Of the Anger of God and the Punishment of Sins
Note by the American Editor
On the Workmanship of God or the Formation of
Of the Production of the Beasts and of
Of the Condition of the Beasts and
Of the Weakness of
Of the Figures and Limbs of Animals
Of the Error of Epicurus and of the Limbs and Their
Of All the Parts of the Body
the Eyes and Ears
Of the Senses and Their Power
Of the Outer Limbs of Man and Their
Of the Intestines in Man and Their
Of the Lower Members
Of the Unknown Purpose of Some of the Intestines
Of the Voice Chapter XVI Of the Mind and Its Seat
Of the Soul and the Opinion of Philosophers Concerning
Of the Soul and the Mind and Their Affections
Of the Soul and It Given by
Of Himself and the Truth
Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter VI
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XII
Chapter XIII
Chapter XIV

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