The Sword and the Pen: Selections from World's Greatest Military Writings

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Vl. The Twentieth Century: HALFORD MAC KINDER: From The Geographical Pivot of History JEAN COLIN: From Transformation of War ERICH LUDENDORFF: From The Nation at War HERBERT GEORGE WELLS: From The War in the Air GIULIO DOUHET: From The Command of the Air V. l. LENIN: From War and Socialism; from Left-Wing Childishness and Petty-Bourgeois Morality STEPHEN CRANE: From The Red Badge of Courage MARCEL PROUST: From Remembrance of Things Past WINSTON CHURCHILL: From The River War JOHN FREDERICK CHARLES FULLER: From Memoirs of an Unconventional Soldier. LEON TROTSKY: From History of the Russian Revolution DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR: From Report of the Chief of Staff T. E. LAWRENCE: From The Evolution of a Revolt; from The Seven Pillars of Wisdom ADOLF HITLER: From My Struggle (Mein Kampf) ALBERT SPEER: From Inside the Third Reich CHARLES DE GAULLE: From The Edge of the Sword MAO TSE-TUNG: From On Guerrilla Warfare; from Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Warfare ANDRÉ MALRAUX: From Anti-Memoirs BASIL LIDDELL HART: From The Real War; from Strategy

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