The Ugliness of the Indian Male and Other Propositions

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Black Kite, 2008 - Masculinity - 301 pages
Some years ago the author of this book was struck by the contrast between the beauty of Hindi film heroines and the ugliness of Hindi film heroes. After researching the matter the author concluded that the explanation was straightforward: leading men in Hindi films were ugly because they were Indian men and Indian men were measurably uglier than Indian women ... While this observation was accurate and the data gathered was reliable, the author made the mistake of attributing the ugliness of the Indian male to nature. He knows now that Indian men aren't born ugly: they achieve ugliness through practice. It is their habits and routines that make them ugly. If the author were to be schematic, he would argue that Indian men are ugly on account of the three Hs: hygiene, hair, and horrible habits ... Why are Indian men like this? How do they achieve the bullet-proof unselfconsciousness that allows them to be so abandonedly ugly? The author thinks it comes from a sense of entitlement that's hard-wired into every male child that grows up in an Indian household. That, and the not unimportant fact that, despite the way they look, they're always paired off with good-looking women.

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