The Vampires of Ciudad Juarez: Book One of a Trilogy

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Trafford Publishing, Apr 19, 2010 - Fiction - 1 pages

"The First World and the Third World are the bread in this sandwich and we are the baloney!" So a character describes the sprawling industrial war zone on the U.S.-Mexico border that is Ciudad Juarez, the epicenter of the drug trade, where the Third World comes to make what the First World wants.

Hundreds of innocent young women have been abducted, raped, and murdered here, yet the mystery of ?las desaparecidas? remains tragically unsolved. Into this smoldering devil's stew steps an eccentric English journalist, the sometime employee of an occult magazine in London that attempts ?the rational examination of all irrational phenomena,? on his way from Miami to Los Angeles by bus.

One morning at dawn he wades absent-mindedly across the shallow trickle of the Rio Grande into Juarez while filming an enormous white Siberian tiger. He gets caught up in the madness of a very strange family and is lucky to escape with his life.

Reviews from the Italian media

? . . fast-moving, eloquent, funny and at the same time profoundly violent and distressing. Irony saves it from insupportable sadness and instead creates a fresh and captivating story. Another terrific novel from Farjeon/Scarfe.? ? Susanna Raule, Cut-up

? . . His vampires are nothing like the classic literary or cinematic archetypes. They are neither romantic nor troubled spirits. They are pitiless, arrogant and vulgar, without immortality and unafraid of the sun . . ? ? Vito Tripi, Word Shelter

? . . The violence is not supernatural but a direct result of the brutality that occurs every day in Ciudad Juarez yet Farjeon?s new novel is by no means exclusively a denunciation. The complex plot is easy to follow, subdivided into short chapters, and the characters are instantly clear to the reader. The narrative is fluent and laced with wisdom and humor . . ? ? Il Catafalco

" . . This book is simply stupendous . . a punch in the stomach . . A masterpiece half way between Scarface and a 1980's B-movie with a result that leaves you breathless . . " - Valerio Bonante, Ca' delle Ombre

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