The Story of the Heavens

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Cassell, limited, 1885 - Astronomy - 551 pages
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Page 573 - Cock Robin, and other Nursery Rhymes. The Queen of Hearts. Old Mother Hubbard. Simple Rhymes for Happy Times. Tuneful Lays for Merry Days. Cheerful Songs for Young Folks. Pretty Poems for Young people. The Children's Joy. Prettv
Page 292 - has done more, it has given us the probable prospect of another. We see it as Columbus saw America from the shores of Spain. Its movements have been felt
Page 562 - Five Pound Note, The, and other Stories. By GS JEALOUS, is. Forging of the Anchor, The. A Poem. By Sir SAMUEL FERGUSON, LL.D. With 20 Oiiginal Illustrations. Gilt edges, 5*.; or Japanese morocco padded
Page 564 - On the Equator. By H. DE W. Illustrated with Photos. 35. 6d. Our Own Country. Six Vols. With 1,200 Illustrations. Cloth, 75. 6d. each. Outdoor Sports and Indoor Amusements. With nearly 1,000 Illustrations. 95. Painting, Practical Guides
Page 417 - simultaneously overleaped at three different points. It is the greatest and most glorious triumph which practical astronomy has ever witnessed. Perhaps I ought not to speak so strongly; perhaps I should hold some reserve in favour of the bare possibility that it may be
Page 307 - Wherefore if it should return according to our prediction about the year 1758, impartial posterity will not refuse to acknowledge that this was first discovered by an Englishman.
Page 564 - 6d. Natural History, CasselTs New. Edited by Prof, P. MARTIN DUNCAN, MB, FRS, FGS With Contributions by Eminent Scientific Writers. Complete in Six Vols. With about 2.000 high-class Illustrations. Extra crown 410, cloth,
Page 107 - the law of gravitation announces that " every body in the universe attracts every other body with a force which varies inversely as the square of the distance.
Page 562 - Far, Far West, Life and Labour in the. By W. HENRY BARNEBY. With Map of Route. Cloth, i6s. Fenn, G. Manville, Works by. Popular Editions, Cloth boards, as. each. Sweet Mace.
Page 357 - a singular miracle occurred, for between eleven o'clock and noon there was a loud clap of thunder and a prolonged confused noise, which was heard at a great distance, and a stone fell from the air in the jurisdiction of Ensisheim which weighed 260 pounds, and the confused noise was

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