Toxophilus: 1545

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Edinburgh printers, Muir & Paterson, 1869 - Archery - 168 pages
Toxophilus?is a book about?longbow?archery?by?Roger Ascham, first published in London in 1545. Dedicated to?King Henry VIII, it is the first book on archery written in English. This edition was edited by Edward Arber, a notable academic and author.

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Page 18 - He that wyll wryte well in any tongue, muste folowe thys councel of Aristotle, to speake as the common people do, to thinke as wise men do; and so shoulde curry man vnderstand hym, and the iudgement of wyse men alowe hym.
Page 3 - XXI.) written by her son Roger, in the year 1544, that she and her husband having lived together forty-seven years, at last died on the same day and almost at the same hour. Roger's first years were spent under his father's roof, but he was received at a very youthful age into the family of Sir Antony Wingfield, who furnished money for his education, and placed Roger, together with his own sons, under a tutor, whose name was R. Bond. The boy had by nature a taste for books, and showed his good taste...
Page 4 - This communication of teaching youthe, maketh me to remember the right worshipfull and my singuler good mayster, Sir Humfrey Wingfelde, to whom nexte God, I ought to refer for his manifolde benefites bestowed on me, the poore talent of learnyng, whiche God hath lent me: and for his sake do I owe my service to all other of the name and noble house of the Wyngfeldes, bothe in woord and dede. Thys worshypfull man hath...
Page 3 - NOTES . . 165 of fome of the principal events in the LIFE, WORKS, and TIMES of ROGER ASCHAM, Fellow of St.
Page 18 - And though to haue written it in an other tonge, had bene bothe more profitable for my study, and also more honest for my name, yet I can thinke my labour wel bestowed, yf with a little hynderaunce of my profyt and name, maye come any fourtheraunce, to the pleasure or commoditie, of the gentlemen and yeomen of Englande, for whose sake I tooke this matter in hande.
Page 6 - ... pleasantlie of other matters, but most gladlie of some matter of learning : wherein he will curteslie heare the minde of the meanest at his Table.
Page 78 - A&es, as a man dyd ones eyther with the Mayre of London or Yorke I can not tel whether, whiche dyd commaund by proclamation, euerye man in the Citie, to hange a lanterne wyth a candell, afore his dore : whiche thynge the man dyd, but he dyd not lyght it : And...
Page 127 - All the discommodities whiche ill custome hath graffed in archers, can neyther be quycklye poulled out, nor yet sone reckened of me, they be so manye. Some shooteth, his head forwarde as though he woulde byte the marke : an other stareth wyth hys eyes, as though they shulde flye out : An other winketh with one eye, and loketh with the other : Some make a face with writhing...
Page 3 - J udgcs &c excepted ; to use shooting in the long bow. Parents were to provide every boy from 7 to 17 years, with a bow and two arrows ; after 17, he was to find himself a bow and four arrows. Every Bower for every Ewe bow he made was to make ' at the lest ij Bowes of Elme Wichc or other Wode of mean price," under penaliy of Imprisonment for S days.
Page 6 - Nowell preached his funeral sermon, and testified that he never saw or heard of a person of greater integrity of life, or who was blessed with a more Christian death. Queen Elizabeth, when informed of his decease, declared that she would rather have lost 10,000. than her tutor Ascham. Buchanan did honour to his memory in the following epitaph : Alchnmtim extinct**!

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