UNEARTHING WISDOM: Insights from 20 Mining Leaders

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Australian eBook Publisher, May 21, 2015 - Business & Economics - 200 pages

 Unearthing wisdom – in the widest sense as well as unearthing riches from the earth’s crust – has enabled mankind to progress and improve our way of life. Continuing the process is vital. More than ever, we are faced with an increasing rate of change and thus that on-going need to ‘keep up’. If we keep ourselves involved with the search process the rewards can be considerable. The contents of this book are designed to help people, whether they are just starting out, progressing along the road or at the end of their journey.

The twenty articles deliver much accumulated wisdom into the reader’s hands. The Foreword by John Murray gives the reader an outline of much accumulated experience, observations on current day methods as well as some suggestions for the future.

All up, the texts are a concise and valuable contribution to the process of passing on wisdom, providing suggestions for the leaders of today and inspiring the leaders in the future.

Text book wisdom is one thing but the wisdom gained from hard earned experience by people applying themselves to activities in exploration, mining, processing of minerals and then selling the output paints a lot more colour on to a broad canvas.

About the author (2015)

 Philippa Anderson is a business writer and communications consultant based in the UK. Her articles have appeared in publications worldwide. She has written for companies and ghost-written articles and contributions to books for corporate clients. She has worked on a number of book projects, including The Business Book published by Dorling Kindersley, and has collaborated with Lord Browne, former

CEO of BP, on his memoir Beyond Business, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

She is a seasoned expert in corporate communications — in areas such as change programmes, business restructuring, and corporate social responsibility — with numerous international clients, including many in the energy and mining sectors.

Sophie Loras is the Managing Editor of Australia China Connections and is based in Shanghai, China. Sophie has witnessed first hand the extraordinary social and economic changes in China since first visiting the country in 1998. Since then, she has lived, worked and studied in a number of Chinese cities and traveled extensively throughout China.

Her work with Australia China Connections, documenting the changing face of the Australia-China trade relationship, has seen her cover stories across a wide range of sectors including education, migration, tourism, financial and legal services to architecture, sustainable design, agriculture and the resources and mining industries.

John Ross, based in Melbourne Australia, was a journalist with The Age, Melbourne, and Editor of Walkabout magazine before becoming a book publisher and writer. He was Publishing Director at Macmillan Australia and then Managing Director of Currey O’Neil Ross before beginning his own book production company and consultancy. He was Editor-in-Chief of Chronicle of the 20th.Century, Chronicle of Australia, 100 Years of Australian Football and co-editor of 200 Seasons of Australian Cricket.

He has written, some 20 books including, Every Picture Tells a Story, Country Towns, Voices of the Bush, One People: One Destiny and The Sound of Melbourne.

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